Harrion Ford: There will be no statue of the actor!  very expensive?

Harrison Ford He spent his childhood in the village of Morton Grove near Chicago. On the other hand, he traveled to high school to the neighboring city of Park Ridge. Park Ridge Council still remembers this. During the last session of the city council, the idea of ​​​​erecting a monument to the actor there was discussed. The statue was to be designed by Israeli Omrani Omrani, the author of the famous Michael Jordan statue that stands in the Chicago Bulls Stadium. However, most council members said “no” to the Ford statue.

As reported by the “Chicago Tribune”, one of the main arguments raised by opponents is the high cost – from 100 thousand. Up to 250 thousand dollars. Council members also doubted that Ford would be happy with such a memorial, having once admitted he was persecuted at Park Ridge High School.

He made this confession in GQ magazine in 2017. He stated that after coming to this school, because he was “new and young and weird”, he was regularly bullied by the school. However, he admitted that he no longer had an emotional attitude to these events and would rather cherish in his memory the sympathy that his friends gave him.

Among the actors who lived to see their traces during their lives, there are, among others Sylvester Stallone And the Arnold Schwarzenegger. A picture of the first figure, modeled after Rocky Balboa, standing in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The second has memorials in the Austrian city of Taal, where he was born, and in Columbus, Ohio, where the sports festival is held in his name.

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