March 27, 2023


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For the first time since July, the number of injuries exceeded 45,000.

For the first time since July, the number of injuries exceeded 45,000.

45,066 new infections were detected in the past 24 hours. About 2.3 thousand. More than on Wednesday and about 4.4 thousand more than last Thursday. The last balance sheet is the fourth in the past eight days when the 40,000 mark has been crossed. detected infections. Previously, more than 45,000 infections were detected over a 24-hour period on July 20, the day after almost all injuries were canceled in England Covid restrictions.

The number of deaths due to Covid-19 is also alarmingly increasing – 157 of them were recorded over the past day, which is 21 more than Wednesday’s balance sheet and 35 more than the previous Thursday. In total, 823 were found in the past seven days – 9% more than the previous seven.

Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 8.32 million infections have been reported in the UK, resulting in 138,237 deaths. It ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of injuries and eighth in death statistics.

So far, 49.29 million people have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and both – 45.27 million. That’s 85.7 percent, respectively. and 78.7 percent. Population over 12 years old.

Vaccine theft

British counterintelligence has told the government it has evidence that a Russian spy personally stole from AstraZeneca the formula for the Covid-19 vaccine that was used to create the Sputnik V vaccine in Russia, The Sun reported on Monday.

As The Sun reports, last year counterintelligence said it was over 95 percent. Sure enough, hackers working for the Russian authorities were trying to steal vaccine formulas against Covid-19 from British, American and Canadian laboratories that were being developed at the time.

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Now, however, counterintelligence agents are confident that a Russian spy physically stole the vaccine formula from AstraZeneca. Another newspaper, the Daily Mail, adds that it is not only clear whether the spy took the papers or the vial of the finished product, which was then smuggled to Russia and copied there.

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