What a play!  Hurkacz was one step away from the Indian Wells semi-finals!  I decided the tennis tiebreak

so far Hubert Hurkacz He didn’t even slow down for a moment at the Indian Wells Championship. Pole was going like a storm until the quarter-finals, and in the match with Grigor Dimitrov he was like dynamite for a long time. Thanks to Diego Schwartzman’s defeat, Hurkacz has already been promoted to the top 10 rankings before the match ATP After the tournament, but he was brilliant in the match. He did not leave his opponent’s place to make mistakes, but one event changed everything.

1-0 in the Hurkacz match, but Dimitro was in the lead 5:4 in the second set. First he balanced, then he got an advantage and won a deal worth a full set. win after draw Game, the shortcut signed on the grid and above it on the page pole. Then Hurkacz did not take chances, played uncomfortably and at some point it became clear that he began to lose this match. And Dimitrov turned the tide of the meeting in an incredible way.

And when it seemed like it was over, Hurkacz showed his magic again. Play amazing 3rd party final matches and prevent your opponent from resurrection. But it was the Bulgarian who showed his class and beat him in the tiebreak.

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Polish tennis strength. Hubert Hurkacz and Iga Świątek are a sensation, and how much do they earn?

The public was in favor of Dimitrov. But Hurkacz had an exceptional guest in the stands behind him

At the beginning of the first set of the match, the match was very even, and both players did not even have a single chance to break their opponents. They made a great use of their website and didn’t make a lot of mistakes. But in the eighth match, Hurkacz had three chances to break Dimitrov, and in the meantime he won an act that could easily be called the championship exchange – they almost played badminton with Dimitrov for a couple of hits into the net, but the pole scored the goal. Point. In the end, Hurkacz broke his opponent on the third chance and had a straight path to take the lead in the match, which he did after the serve match. He won the first match 6:3 and looked very confident.

Hubert Hurkacz has surely made a huge headway in the ATP rankings! You will live up to the legend

Hurkacz was only motivated by the length of the long and difficult trade-offs that his opponent made him play. He was great mainly defense. Demetro’s main weapon was a very powerful and accurate serve – in the first set of breaking Hurcacz, he lost only four points with his own pass. Interestingly enough, he did not send a single ace for up to eight poles. He made four double-faults with which he often lost out on winning at crucial moments.

The California crowd was happier, but when Hurkacz threw the balls out of the field. She was obviously on Polgar’s side, but Hurkacz had an exceptional guest in the stands at his side – Igê ¦wi ± tek with all of its employees. The Polish woman has already pulled out of her women’s singles competition, but she can follow how Hurkacz tried to advance to the next stage.

Incredible position at the end of the second set! Dimitrov apologized instead of rejoicing

Dimitrov started the second installment with a great serve game and a quick pole breakout, but it obviously bothered him a lot. Hurkacz didn’t want to make more mistakes and first got a comeback break, then tied the group. This allowed him to return to Fight To win in two sets.

Perhaps no one, especially a valiant contender like Dimitrov on Thursday, does not give up on Hurkacz’s opportunity given by the Bulgarian. First, he did not take advantage of the main opportunities to break his opponent at 3:3, and then lost the set in incredible circumstances. Dimitrov took the advantage in the long tenth game and both players played the ball without giving themselves the opportunity to make a mistake. This was not the case, but after the Bulgarian shortcut, the ball danced on the net and landed right behind it on the side of the pole. Hurkacz had to take a deep breath. It was a punishment for missed opportunities, but he probably shouldn’t have had it. This is best illustrated by Dimitrov’s reaction: his first gesture was not joy, but how many times in such situations: an apology to his rival.

Hurkacz’s luck is back, but only in the tiebreak! Pole lost after horror

The third party is already a feast of very even play, but the Pole, above all, seemed to feel a little uneasy. At 1:1, he had two balls to break the Bulgarian after he nearly dropped him on the field with one of the actions, but after a moment Dimitrov was reborn. He won three moves in a row and a game – he saved himself from losing his passes at the most dangerous moment. Three matches later, he breaks Hurkacz, using the second break point and it was already visible: the pole loses this match.

However, Hurkacz did not give up completely. He calmly waited for his chance and took a break at 5:4, holding his nerve and squeezing in an amazing fashion. And such an idea came: perhaps happiness began to smile at the pole again? Hurkacz managed to get into the tiebreak in an incredible fashion, but it looks like he’s already running out of steam on the next move. Dimitrov hit hard and won 7-2 in the tiebreak, 7-6 in the set and 2-1 in the whole match. Pole can be congratulated on a great match, a great match. However, this time more applause for a great comeback and better disposition at the crucial moments his rival must have gathered. Many elements contributed to Hurkacz’s failure – including bad luck, but he won’t change The result And the fact that the pole farewell to the championship.

Hubert Hurkacz in Tokyo IOHurkac was going to play with him in the semi-finals of Indian Wells! British revelation awaits

In the semi-finals, Dimitrov awaits the British sensation of the championship and the past weeks in the world. Tennis Cameron Norrie. The Briton has so far won only one ATP tournament in his career – in July of this year he was the best in Los Cabos. This is definitely the best season of his career and he would like to finish it with a victory in important competitions like the one in California.

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