June 9, 2023


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Coming from outer space makes teams from the NBA fight for the worst balance sheet possible.  This name must be remembered

Coming from outer space makes teams from the NBA fight for the worst balance sheet possible. This name must be remembered

These players in the United States are called “Unguardable”. They are basically players that cannot be managed even by defense professionals: due to cosmic physical conditions, extraordinary talent, and ability to Toys in many positions.

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Pudzianowski Show. “Teddy Bear, when he catches a wolf, he can swing his paw”

But since it is difficult to choose words, let the picture speak:

The 18-year-old from France in the first game in the US – his Metropolitans 92 came for two matches With the G-League Ignite – show what he can do: 37 points (7/11 for three), four rebounds and up to five blocks are stats worthy of the biggest stars. Although it was just a sparring.

“There has never been a person like this in the NBA”

The French teenager’s first action makes a big impression. Wimpanyama, 220cm tall quarterback, plays one-on-one, enters the basket after a nice pint and hits the left round house. The American media wrote: “This is not really happening.” a scout NBA “We’ve never seen someone like this in the league,” ESPN quotes him adding.

At the moment, Wembanyama looks like a stick insect, weighs only 95 kg and has a height of 220 cm, but soon he will work on his muscles. His work ethic will decide where he goes. But so far he has everything to be the second Janice – Scout said, citing journalist Mark J. Spears.

“Victor is one of a kind,” said Vincent Colette, Metropolitans coach and coach. the acting France, of which Wimpanyama may soon be a leader. With that height, he can throw three times, but he moves great, dribble, he even got some great passes today.

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The French lost 115: 122, but a small audience was still happy. Especially representatives of clubs, from which more than two hundred came to Nevada. Almost everyone dreams of hiring a Wembanyama, and that not only makes the race for the NBA Championship exciting, but it also makes…the worst team title.

How is this possible? Simply put, the draft rules say it’s worse resultThe chances of winning a large number of lotteries were better. That’s why most teams that won’t shoot high – like the San Antonio Spurs led by Jeremy Suchan – will want to join the fight for the top draft pick.

Wembanyama is supposed to stick to the ground

Wimpanyama is spending last season outside the NBA in the Metropolitan, despite being tempted by Ignite from the G League, but also from Real, Barcelona and Paris Baskett. Almost all saints. But the teenager chose a smaller club to stay close to the ground, coaches say. To this club, especially for Wembanyama, the “Tri-color” identifier was brought, with whom doctors, orthopedic surgeons and trainers work every day responsible for the weight gain of a teenager.

Scott Henderson, a talented 18-year-old who scored 28 points and 9 assists in the same match, will find solace for the team that “only” finished second. But who would be a person doomed to fail. Wembanyama – NBA fans should already learn to pronounce this name.