Red Bull Batalla de Gallos National Final Peru 2021 When will the event take place?

National Final Held on Saturday, September 25th Highly expected across the country. The 16 MCs will face each other to define who will take the ticket to Chile for Peru’s best and international final. Below are all the details of this match.

More info Red Bull Badalla de los Clos: Photo of Maritia, the first Colombian woman to win the competition

This Saturday will be the new version of the famous Badalla de Callos, in which freestylelers will get the best songs. It’s important to remember that Stick won last season over Skill and Ramset. Will there be a two-time championship or a new champion?

Who qualified for the 2021 Red Bull Badalla de Gallows Peru National Final?

In total, 16 MCs will be in operation. 13 out of 32 advanced from qualifiers. In addition, Stick, Skill and Ramset finished as national freestyle finalists in the previous edition.

To the final Red Bull Badalla de Galos Peru 2021 National Finals
Diego Meg
Jair Wong
Black code

When is the 2021 Red Bull Badalla de Callos Peru final?

The national final will be held on Saturday, September 25 and there is no public capacity as a result of the epidemic. This will be the second version that is clearly streaming due to restrictions due to the corona virus.

What is the 2021 Red Bull Badalla de Galos Peru National Final?

The freestyle event is set to take place on Saturday night from 7pm.

Perry – 7:00 p.m.

Ecuador – 7:00 pm

Colombia – 7:00 p.m.

Mexico – 7:00 p.m.

Bolivia – 8:00 pm

Venezuela – 8:00 pm

Paraguay – 8:00 pm

Chile – 8:00 pm

Argentina – 9:00 pm

Uruguay – 9:00 pm

Brazil – 9:00 pm

Spain: 2:00 am (Sunday 26)

How to watch the live broadcast of Red Bull Badalla de Galos Peru 2021 National Final?

Red Bull Badalla de Galos Peru 2021 National Final will be broadcast live on the official channel . Also on YouTube account .

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