China.  Subsequent infections with the omicron variant.  Cases of hemorrhagic fever were also detected

According to Chinese sanitation Last The coronavirus outbreak in Xi’an is linked to a flight that arrived from Pakistan Six passengers were injured. So far, however, it has not been clarified how transmission occurs virus. All travelers coming to chin Because they underwent at least two weeks Quarantine.

And China detected the second case of omicron infection, after a teenager from Poland

China. New COVID-19 infections and hemorrhagic fevers

The infection was found among others among the cleaners the hotelWhere people were in quarantine. The Corona virus was also detected in a student at a local university. The man was supposed to be at the airport at the same time the passengers were disembarking from Pakistan.

Xi’an is also struggling with an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever caused by hantavirus. It is a zoonotic disease transmitted by rodents. Food contamination is likely from rats or mice in Xi’an mice. The authorities are appealing to the population to be vaccinated against hemorrhagic fever. The city has closed schools and started mass testing for COVID-19. During the latest wave of coronavirus in China, 57 confirmed infections were confirmed.

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2022 Winter Olympics in BeijingWill Omikron threaten the Beijing Olympics? It will bring new challenges.

China. COVID zero rule due to omicron variant detection

in a. Saturday The official Xinhua News Agency Announced the unveiling of two new cases Incidence of the omicron variant. These cases have been confirmed in the city of Changsha, and include people who have come to the country.

In early December, omicron infection was also detected in Guangdong Province and Tianjin City. The injured are kept in hospitals.

Due to the emergence of the omicron variant, China has a “zero COVID” rule. The government decided, inter alia, to close the border. “China should maintain strict controls on ports and borders ahead of the Winter Olympics,” he said on Saturday. Press Conference Liang Wanyan, an epidemiologist who leads the task force on the epidemiological response in China.

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