Finland: The plan to close the border with Russia has been blocked

The Chancellor of Justice, the constitutional body that oversees the work of the country’s top officials, said: “The government’s proposal does not sufficiently secure the international protection rights enshrined in constitutional rules, EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and other documents.” It reviews proposals for legal changes, according to STT.

– Maria Rantanen, head of the Interior Ministry in Prime Minister Örbo’s right-wing government, said: – We will prepare another plan to ensure the safety of Finns.

The document was not published, but according to press sources, the government presented the advisor with a proposal to “close the entire eastern border.” Earlier last week, since asylum seekers began arriving more frequently, four main crossings in Karelia were closed, which in effect meant a complete closure of the southern part of the more than 1,340 km long border with Russia to traffic. The Northern Passes and smaller Lapland Passes were left open.

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