January 28, 2023


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This is Putin's paranoia.  Airport scenes speak for themselves - O2

This is Putin’s paranoia. Airport scenes speak for themselves – O2

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has become more cautious than before. The 69-year-old fears that his life will be assaulted and contracting an infectious disease through physical contact with another person. Any speeches of the President of the Russian Federation are always under the watchful eye of many security guards. It is also suspected that the politician would wear a bullet-proof vest.

Regularly speaking positions that validate the thesis of Putin’s fears. It was the same in Kaliningrad, where the Russian president, accompanied by a column of cars, got off in the middle of the road to exchange some words with the Russians from a distance of several meters. The “meeting” lasted about 10 seconds, then a series of cars left.

Putin’s paranoia seems to be getting worse month by month. A video clip from Uzbekistan just circulated all over the network. The plane carrying the President of the Russian Federation landed at Samarkand Airport. The politician was received there by representatives of state authorities. Despite the formal nature of the small ceremony, the 69-year-old stood several meters away. Moreover, he refused to greet with a handshake and did not accept flowers. After a dozen or so seconds, he went to an armored limousine.

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