Filmweb recommends Anatomy of a Fall.  Justin Tritt's film is in theaters starting today
Today, Justine Tritt's “Anatomy of a Fall” hits theaters. A Palme d'Or at Cannes and five Oscar nominations are not the end of the awards for the film starring Sandra Höller. Filmweb's editorial team decided to give it the “Filmweb Recommends” quality mark.

“Anatomy of a Fall” – Trailer

“Anatomy of a Fall” – Read the Review

After her recent stumble at Cannes, French director Justine Triet is back at work, writing and directing once again as if “The Sibyl” never happened. In the dramatic masterpiece “Anatomy of a Fall,” he creates with surgical precision a study of a marriage in crisis. It disrupts our expectations, explodes social and gender norms, and rejects classic gender divisions. It relativizes not only human behavior but also the whole story: the truth, which does not always have to come to light, may in some cases completely lose its importance. The search for what is objective and certain is only a pretext for another story – a story about human nature.

It begins with 50 Cent's “PIMP”, which is played at full volume in the Maleski family home. Loud music played by husband Samuel interrupts his wife Sandra's interview about her writing accomplishments. A woman apologizes for her husband's frustrating behavior, which seems more like intentional passive aggression than an innocent joke. In “Anatomy of a Fall” the tragedy begins during the day, interrupting the daily routine. The house shakes with a repetitive song, the heroes' son goes for a walk with his dog Snoop (Tret is probably a big fan of American rap), and Samuel's bloodied body lies in the snow-covered yard (…).

Triet avoids triviality and does not fall into the stereotypes of the genre. In Anatomy of a Fall, almost every scene seems necessary; Dramatically, it is a balanced, suspenseful film without long stretches. However, it wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for the outstanding acting and award-worthy performance of Sandra Holler. Here restraint and apparent coldness combine with maternal care and libertarian and artistic aspirations; Höller perfectly emphasizes all the heroine's flaws and gives her everything, especially in the confrontation scenes between Sandra and Samuel. The heightened emotions in these moments turn the film into a first-class thriller.

You can read Daria Sienkiewicz's full review here.

What is “Anatomy of a Fall” about?

The life of a happy family in the French Alps is interrupted when Samuel dies in the fall. Did he jump on his own, did he slip, or did Sandra, his wife, and his mother push him off the balcony? Investigators lack evidence and the case lacks witnesses. In front of the public's eyes, Sandra will have to confess the smallest and most intimate details of her marriage, which may affect the judgement. The process that worries everyone is also taking place in the minds of viewers, and the question is obvious: “Did you do it?”

The main roles were played by Sandra Holler, Swan Arlaud, Milo Machado Graner, Jenny Beth and Samuel Theis. Directed by Justin Tritt.

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