DC Extended Universe with strong news?  Jason Momoa ratchets up the tension before the announcement

There have been a lot of changes in the DC Extended Universe lately. James Gunn has taken a bit of a lead (his duties presumably consist of something similar to what Kevin Feige does at Marvel Studios), and several films will now take a new path. The fruits of this revolution are an alleged departure from plans to continue Wonder Woman in its current form or a break with Henry Cavill.

Not all actors experience change – and among those they are most optimistic about is Jason Momoa. The actor is playing Aquaman for the purposes of the DCEU, and he did really well in the first installment. We are currently waiting for the sequel, and in the meantime the guy has decided to warm up a bit, announcing that it is probably coming soon. We will see something powerful:

I have some really strong news, great news from Warner Bros. amazing thing. I would say, but they are… Peter [Safran – przyp. red.] I love you. mosques [Gunn – przyp. red.] I love you. David [Zaslav – przyp. red.]…to the future, to the future!

Perhaps soon there will be news that will shake the entire DC comic universe to its foundations … Well, so be it! There has been talk for some time of a lack of freshness in those areas, which could be deadly right now. However, it seems Something is really changing. And we know for sure that Jason Momoa won’t be hit by a lack of movies like a bunch of his co-stars.

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