Dorita Orbegoso attacks Melissa Paredes: "She always had the highest ego" |  Women led by Rodrigo Cuba Frandula |  Performances

Dorida Orbecoso spoke about the corruption that surrounds her today , Who

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The businessman not only criticized the presenter of “America Hoy” for betraying her husband Rodrigo Cuba, but also recalled other great attitudes when they were both part of the reality show “Bienvenida la Torte”.

“Melissa has always been a person with a very high ego. She took off her crown, did not apologize, and did not regret the removal of her crown.”, He questioned.

He also criticized the actress’ performance in breaking up with reality guy Ignacio Baladan. “She always dominates. I shared that situation with her. She always had more ego.”Dorita added.

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He did not beat the ‘cat’ family

Dorita Orbegoso questioned Melissa Parades for not approaching the footballer’s family during the length of their relationship.

She didn’t have a good relationship with her father-in-law or Rodrigo’s only brother, and she had 5 years to soften those hard edges. (…) Why never have an attitude? ”Criticized the influence.

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Melissa Parades has revealed the details of her breakup with footballer Rodrigo Cuba

Melissa Parades has revealed the details of her breakup with footballer Rodrigo Cuba
The actress told her truth on the show co-hosted by Melissa Parades, Janet Barboza and Ethel Boso. “The moment I pass is hard, I didn’t really expect this” were his first words.

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