Features and items I’m missing on my Sony console

The PlayStation 5 was officially released to the market on November 12th. A week later, on November 19, the equipment was delivered to Europe and sold like hot cakes. Well, so far you can not buy the device at a normal starting price, because in most cases PS5 is sold with additional accessories and games.

The current generation of Sony has been working with me since November 19th. I was one of those people who, as soon as they had the opportunity to place a pre-order, immediately entered the e-marketplace’s website and without much thought “reserved” their copy for the first offer price. In the end, this was one of the best decisions, because if I didn’t make it fast enough, for the PlayStation 5 – let’s call it that – I would have been paying too much.

So, your PS5 is now a year and about 3 months old. Since then, I’ve spent about 700 hours with it (based on my own stats and those from PlayStation released a few weeks ago), so less than two hours of daily play came out. I was so used to the equipment that I said goodbye to my good PlayStation 4 some time ago, which nevertheless remained in the family. And as far as I know, she gets on really well with the new owner.

Today, however, I won’t be dealing with a PS4, but a PS5. More precisely – what functions do I miss. As mentioned earlier, the console is on her neck for a year and about 3 months. Although I like the system or the UI a lot, it still lacks a lot to be perfect. Here are five features that – in my opinion – should be taken care of in Sony’s upcoming updates.

Support 1440p

It has long been known that in order to get acquainted with all the most important products, you need a fairly good computer and a PS4 / PS5 console. You can play multiple platforms and all titles published by Microsoft on PC and on PlayStation – games promoted by Sony. However, due to the huge problems with semiconductors and the general availability of electronics, graphics cards, even those with average performance, cost several thousand. A lot of people choose a GPU that will allow you to play at 1440p, after all, FHD is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The problem then arises that if someone has a PS5 connected to a monitor that supports the maximum resolution mentioned above, they are doomed to play in Full HD, because Sony devices do not support QHD. Well, that’s one of the things that Sony should take care of ASAP, because gamers with 1440p screens aren’t waning, but more and more.

Themes / Backgrounds

PS5 user interface

PlayStation 4 themes make you feel like you’re in your second home when you first launch the console. You go to the fridge for snacks, you hear the PlayStation sound, a moment later the atmospheric music from The Witcher 3 begins, and when you return to his location, you see Geralt stick a silver sword into the monster’s body. If someone on PS4 had a theme from The Witcher, they’d know exactly what I’m talking about. In the case of the PS5, it was decided to set up separate wallpapers for each game, some productions even have custom music, but I would definitely prefer the return of the beloved old themes.

activity wall

So far, I don’t know why Sony decided to get rid of the Activity panel. I visit my PlayStation at least a few times a week to see what my friends are playing at the moment, what challenges they’ve faced, and how their path to platinum is going. You can comment on someone else’s actions, and invite them to play together… Now that integration is kinda missing. If the wall in question didn’t fit the PS5, at least they could have left it in the PS App for mobile. Who knows, maybe the developers will think about it again, because a huge number of votes shows the desire of the community to take it back.

Small redesign of the PS Store

PS5 Features

The new PS Store is clean, and most importantly it works very well. The biggest problem with the PS4 was searching for some titles or browsing bestsellers, because everything was running so slowly that you wanted to read the news from the console level. With the PS5, I often check out the store after a session is over and see if there’s any news about the products I’m watching. However, in the labyrinth of so many tabs, I’m missing a category that only focuses on recently announced titles that will also be bestsellers. We have two separate tabs, but I prefer to combine them. This should make browsing the most anticipated AAA games faster and more fun.

PS Now / Spartacus project in Poland

People who want to integrate can easily enjoy the PS Now offer. This is not the worst, because it often includes new and desirable products. However, the service is still not available in Poland, which surprises me a lot when compared to the PlayStation Video Pass “test” in Poland. As we’ve known for several weeks now, Sony is in response to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, and the codename for that subscription is Project Spartacus. It is meant not only to provide access to everything that is in PS Now, but also to take care of all the extras. I can’t imagine that subscription will go the way of PS Now and won’t be available in our country. Sony may not disappoint us on this subject.

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