Poles remind us of the impending premiere of The Inquisitor.  Meanwhile, they share their plans
January 5, 2024 at 12:37 pm

A hot period is coming for Polish group The Dust. The Inquisitor will be released next month, followed shortly after by Serum. The company's president recently revealed the company's steps for the coming months of this year.

The Dust Group talked about their plans for 2024. In addition to the new information, there was also a reminder about the rapidly approaching premiere of The Inquisitor, which was developed by the company's Wrocław studio.

Investigator and serum in the first quarter

It will hit the market in just over a month Detective, which is the latest production of The Dust studio, inspired by the novels of Jacek Pekara, is among the so-called investigation cycle. The publisher has not postponed the release date of this title Players will be able to play as the “inquisitor” as planned, on February 8 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Let us note that fans had the opportunity to play the demo of this production on Steam in September. However, on release day, the game will also be available for purchase by Epic Games Store customers. Regardless of the platform, the title will receive a full version in Polish.

It should be noted that production was completed more than a month before the premiere. Currently, the team is working on the day one patch, which will be available on launch day. We are very pleased with the progress the production team has made in the last quarter. Graphically, the game got a very big improvement after implementing H-Trace. We are convinced that everyone who played the game demo at the festival will see a huge difference. The improvement noticed by beta users has also been improved. “We are convinced that this item will also positively surprise players on release day,” said The Dust Group President, Jacob Wolff.

Away Detective The premiere is also approaching Serum. Another studio from The Dust Group – Game Island – is responsible for this game. how Delivered jacob Wolf, The title will be available in early access on PC in the first quarter of this year.

The game will be released on the PC platform in Early Access, and at the end of the first half of the year we plan to exit the EA (Early Access) phase and publish the game in full release. Currently, the team is working intensively on game balance and refining the CO-OP system, which will be available in Early Access.

More information about new projects coming soon

Perhaps after the premiere of the above products, The Dust will provide more details about new projects.

  1. In the first half of the year, we will learn the details of two games codenamed Project Hammer and Project Sword.
  2. We'll also learn more about recently created productions from Perfect Circle Studios and Garage Monkeys.
  3. The company also wants to analyze its past decisions and completed projects. In addition, The Dust plans to learn lessons from its collaborations with external publishers.

We assume that 2024 will be more difficult than the last 2023, which is why we are already taking actions within the Group that will bring real benefits to production and business, taking into account the strategic assumptions – He added Wolf.

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