Fans of The Witcher 3 feel they have been “robbed” of the changes to the dubbing.  Only the Poles heard the “core” part of the dialogue

CD Projekt RED could not have foreseen such a situation a few years after the premiere of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. as it turns out – Only in Polish dubbing players can hear the “main part of the dialogue”. The people responsible for preparing the translation for all other languages ​​decided to omit one important word.

After Geralt and Ciri return to Kaer Morhen, all players get to see old friends and family resurrecting a lion cub from Cintra, but Only the Poles heard Yennefer say to the young warrior “daughter”.

For some, it will be an ordinary word, but for players who have spent dozens of hours in this world and become close to heroes – it is a very important message. Fans confirm it They feel “robbed” by translators, And a thread on Reddit already has over 830 comments, and the community can’t understand why someone would have decided to make such a change.

“I played it in Polish and never thought that this very important sentence doesn’t appear in any other translation. It honestly sucks.”

“Yes, I don’t really understand why this was removed? Like I said, this is very important.”

“To all non-Polish speakers: If you feel robbed, you should. This is nonsense and I don’t understand why CDPR did this.”

“You could say this version was more… polished” (polishing)

It should not be removed

“I have the same thing, I feel sad”

“That is why I play only in Polish. I like English actors, but this is Polish history and to be honest, I play well.”

This was mentioned by one of the players A similar big change is found in Link’s latest adventure:

Like the fact that in Japanese Breath of the Wild all ‘journal entries’ are written in first-person from Link’s perspective, but in other languages ​​it’s second-person.

So “I did X” versus “I did X”.

The Japanese version makes Link’s feelings for Zelda unmistakably more romantic.”

There is a problem with the Russian language version with the latest Kratos adventure:

“New God of War. In the original, Kratos says “boy” throughout the game, and the only time he calls him “son” is at the end. On a Russian site, he always says “son.”

The situation is surprising, but as you can see, such problems also appear in other games. If you do not remember this scene – you can see it in the material below.

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