Asian media reports on TSMC’s secret investment plans in Japan.  The company’s CEO is vague to questions

It can be said that TSMC is in the golden age, yet the company is not resting on its laurels and continues to invest in its development and research into upcoming technologies. Yesterday, the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo published the news that the semiconductor giant is about to build a second factory in the Land of the Rising Sun. Let’s remember that the construction of the first plant for the production of 16-nanometer chips has not yet been completed. So let’s take a look at these reports.

Nikkan Kogyo reports that TSMC plans to build a second fab in Japan for 10nm to 5nm chips. Company CEO Chung Ching Wei, when asked for an explanation, replied that he had nothing more to add.

Asian media reports on TSMC's secret investment plans in Japan.  The company's CEO is vague to questions [1]

Intel has significantly delayed orders for TSMC N3 lithography silicon wafers. The premiere of Arrow Lake processors in 2025?

After the news was published in the Japanese newspaper, many rumors appeared in the media about this, but we will focus only on specific information. According to the source, we are talking here either about building a new factory or about the future expansion of the currently built factory to produce chips from 16nm to 12nm. The purpose of the new facility will include chips in lithography from 10nm to 5nm, but these will not be systems intended exclusively for the IT market. The reason for this is the fact that the building work will be finished in the second half of this decade, and so it will not be the most recent lithograph at that time.

Asian media reports on TSMC's secret investment plans in Japan.  The company's CEO is vague to questions [2]

Semiconductor plant construction approaching in Europe? This is indicated by TSMC’s plans

The new factory is expected to be dedicated to producing chips for the future automotive market or small Internet of Things electronics. We also know the cost of building the alleged facility, which will cost the company more than 1 trillion yen, or more than $7.4 billion. However, the most interesting thing remains the vague statement of the CEO of TSMC. As for Chung Ching Wei, when asked about the new investment plans in Japan, he replied that he had nothing more to add and thus did not deny or confirm these reports.

Source: Reuters

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