“Fanfreluche” celebrates its 100th anniversary

The 1There is October marked the centenary of the birth of actress and writer Kim Yaroshevskaya, internationally recognized for her iconic role as Fanfreluch. On this occasion, many personalities from the art world paid tribute to this great man.

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Originally from Russia, Kim Yaroshevskaya moved to Quebec at the age of 10, where she left an indelible mark on two generations of Quebecers thanks to her outstanding contribution to the province’s television culture.

Among the dignitaries who graced this special occasion, the Prime Minister François Legault He shared the message of appreciation on his social media. Likewise, Marina Orsini And Nathalie Simert They wanted to express their appreciation and gratitude to this great artist.

Using their online platforms, these two Quebec celebrities shared photos of Madame Yaroshevskaya and wrote touching captions to celebrate her centenary.

A warm and meaningful way to commemorate Kim Yaroshevsky’s lasting impact on Quebec culture:

“Our Fanfreluche turns 100 today! 🎉🎂 Happy birthday Kim Yaroshevskaya!🍭” wrote Marina Orsini.

“I wish you a happy 100e Happy birthday to Kim Yaroshevskaya, a fan of my love

The whole team 7 days Congratulations on an amazing 100e Happy birthday to this Quebec icon!

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