Star Academy’s Jeremy Plante underwent a major surgery

Last Monday, Jeremy Plante arrived on crutches at Jay Kutcher’s EP launch party at Theater Plaza.

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The singer injured his right leg during the Ladpinir country festival last June. “My knee is completely out of its socket. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament and crushed my meniscus. All summer, I made my rounds with a splint. I was careful. Jumping all over the place, Jeremy was very relaxed. He had surgery two weeks ago.

“I had an anterior cruciate ligament repair in my right leg. All went well. I can stand up. The crutches keep me from getting too tired. I am back on track and preparing for the next shows. Next weekend I start back up with my cover band, Les Mex, and in the spring I’ll resume shows with the Blue Ridge Band. Currently we are writing songs. There will be many collaborations, including one with Justin Legacy,” he told us.

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