FAME MMA 11: Successful Mańkowski rematch, Ferrari lost 100,000. zlotys!

  • Several events took place at FAME MMA 11 that ignited the passions of the fans. Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik lost 100 thousand. PLN and Way of Blonde challenged Marta Linkiewicz to the next duel
  • Selwester Arduga was smashed by Danny Ferreri and lost by submission, Marcin Dobell defeating Ojogtech in the first round.
  • In the evening fight, well-prepared Boris Maykovsky defeated Norman Park and repaid for the defeat in March 2019 at KSW.
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The first to enter the ring were Pyotr “Zelle” Zelega and Krzysztof Verekse. At the crucial moment, Fericze was in the attack, but Szeliga hit the right with a perfect and very powerful kick. Knockout has already announced a grand gala in the first round.

In the second fight, Karolina “Way of Blonde” Brzuszczyńska needed all three rounds for the judges to unanimously decide her victory with Patrycja Wieja. It was interesting right after the judgment, because Way of Blonde challenged Marta Linkiewicz to the next duel. She appeared in the octagon and stated that she was ready to fight Brzuszczyńska.

In the next fight, Christian “Krycha” Wilczak outmaneuvered Alexander “Sasha” Muzheiko and it seemed that the arbitrators’ decision would be simple. Kreisha won, but after a divided decision of the judges. The fans were behind Sasha. – What did you come for, damn, how do you whistle?! Wilczak shouted to the audience.

In the fourth battle, Arkadiusz Tańula needed only 30 seconds to defeat Marcin Malczyński! The referee stopped the fight after Tańula sent a powerful blow to the opponent’s face for half a minute. The winner then admitted that he would like to fight Jakub “Kubańczyk” Flas in FAME MMA 12.

In match 5 tonight, Norbert “Smolesti” Smolenski sustained a serious knee injury in the first round, which kept him out of competition with Piotr “Martti Mester” Kołaczyński.

Then Filip Zabelsky was victorious in two rounds, but Maxim Zyukowski returned to the match in the third round. In addition, Zabielski’s point was deducted for an illegal act, which ultimately led to an unexpected tie.

The next battle is one between Philip “Filipek” Marcinek and Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik. Although in the second round Ferrari was too tired to keep his guard and could not walk on his own after the fight, he won by unanimous decision of the judges. However, he could not be completely satisfied, because he lost 100,000. zlotys. He bet with Boxdel that he would win this fight right after the first round!

Piotr “Popo” Węgrzyn Mikołaj “Mixer” Magdziarz defeated Magdziarz by technical knockout, although it seemed that the entire battle could be resolved by the crane on the ground floor. In the next duel, Celeste and Rduga were severely beaten by Danny Ferreri. Wardęga was unable to continue the fight and entered the third round.

In the penultimate battle, Wojtek “ojWojtek” Przeździecki faced Marcin Dobell. The second contender quickly brought his opponent to the ground floor, and there he finally managed to get out of the ring and begin to hit OjWojtek with all possible blows. Przeździecki could not defend himself and the referee had to stop the fight in the first round.

Main event: Borys Mańkowski with a successful rematch!

In the evening fight we saw professional martial arts fighters. Borys Mańkowski was the KSW International Welterweight Champion for three years, while Norman Park was a former, among others UFC and KSW, former lightweight champion Cage Contender of Britain. The two players fought in March 2019 at KSW 47. The North Irishmen then won with the Pole on points.

At FAME 11, the athletes faced the boxing formula while wearing small gloves, which made their facial injuries more visible. In addition, the fight was not divided into rounds – the competition was scheduled to last continuously for 15 minutes.

Time was passing really fast and both players were very attentive and didn’t get carried away. By the middle of the fight, only a few blows from both sides passed through the guards, but they weren’t severe enough to hurt. Mańkowski was great. The longer the fight lasts, the better he looks against Park. The Irishman from the North got up in the last five minutes, but the Pole maintained his tone. It was stronger, faster and more determined.

In the last 30 seconds we saw a great exchange of blows and Park managed to knock out Mańkowski several times, but the former KSW welterweight champion deservedly won by a unanimous decision of the judges.

Karta Walk:

  • Boris Makovsky – Norman Park – Unanimous decision of the judges
  • Wojtek “ojWojtek” Przeździecki – Marcin Dobell – Technical Knockout
  • Celeste Wardiga – Danny Ferreri – Competitor Surrender
  • Mikowaj “Mixer” Majdiziarz – Piotr “Popo” Węgrzyn – Technical Knockout
  • Philip “Filipek” Marcinek – Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik – Unanimous The judges’ decision
  • Philip Zabelsky – Maxim Ziolkovsky – Delivered
  • Norbert “Smolesti” Smolensky – Piotr “MiłyPan” Kołaczyński – Surrender of the competitor
  • Marcin Malczynski – Arkadiusz TańulaTechnical Knockout
  • Christian “Kerisha” Wilczak – Alexander “Sasha” Muziko – Judges divided decision
  • Carolina “Blonde Way” Brzuszczyńska – Patricia Weah – Unanimous decision of the judges
  • Piotr “Szeli” Szeliga – Krzysztof Ferekse – story

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