slag.  The match in Krosno has been cancelled.  Stop the rain wolves and fallopaz

A very promising and interesting match from the second round of eWinner 1. The league between Cellfast Wilki Krosno and Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra has been canceled due to rain. The new date for this meeting is not yet known.


Facebook / / In the photo: the path in Krosno

The weather in Krosno wasn’t really sure since the morning hours. The rain has continued and stopped, but the forecast isn’t so bad so far that there is no hope that the Sylfast-Wilkie Krosno-Stilmet Fallopaz Zielona Gora match will not take place in the end.

Even after 2 p.m., Meteo Krosno provided quite optimistic news. Unfortunately, two hours later it was raining in Subcarpathia, which did not stop and it soon became clear that the chances of competition on Monday were significantly reduced.

A short while ago the club’s 17th official profile from Zielona Góra on Facebook reported that Highway Monday with eWinner 1 would not be the league. The new date for this meeting is not yet known and will be announced in a separate announcement.

Let’s add that Sylfast Wilkie and Stellite Fallopas will meet in the late game of the second round of this year’s Premier League. The competition was postponed earlier due to renovation work at the facility in Krosno.

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