Failure at ING Śląski Bank.  “We apologize for the inconvenience, we are doing our best.”

ING Bank Śląski announced the end of the failure. “Our systems are now working properly,” we read in a social media post.

“We have been experiencing a failure since 8:20 a.m. You may have problems paying with cards at terminals and online, using ATMs and cash deposit machines. Some services at Moje ING are also unavailable,” the bank said in a posted message. On social media. We had previously received a report in this regard from one of the bank’s customers Contact 24.

The failure in ING Bank Śląski has been removed

The statement issued by ING Bank Śląski noted that due to the failure, there were difficulties, among others: paying by cards at terminals and the Internet, making deposits and withdrawals from ATMs and cash deposit machines, and secure 3D authorization for online payments. , see credit cards and payment in Moje ING.

“Payments using BLIK tokens generated in the Moje ING app work properly. If possible, use this payment option and at ATMs until the malfunction is fixed,” the bank recommended.

“Due to the failure, it is difficult to contact our hotline and our brokerage office. The service in our bank branches is also very difficult. If you can, postpone your scheduled visit to them,” ING stressed at the same time that we are working on “a solution as quickly as possible. Failure.”

After 3 p.m., the disturbance was reported to have ended. They confirmed that “our systems are now working properly.”

Warning about scammers

In addition, ING Bank Śląski published an update in the afternoon, which showed that scammers were trying to take advantage of the difficulties.

“We have signals that fraudsters are trying to take advantage of technical problems. They contact our customers on behalf of the bank, try to persuade them to perform some actions, provide the BLIK code, etc. And remember that the bank never asks for such data,” ING Bank Śląski representatives stressed.

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