Appalling conditions on the roads of Lower Silesia.  Accidents, traffic jams and trucks that can’t go up the hill.  This is not the end of the problems

Appalling conditions on the roads of Lower Silesia. Drivers stand in kilometers of traffic jams. Trucks cannot drive on hills. Unfortunately, there have already been several incidents since this morning. They are the first to be wounded. What methods should be avoided?

10.20 am

10 years ago there was another incident. At the intersection of the Mujahideen. Rysiej of ul. Popowicka In Wroclaw, Mercedes and Volkswagen drivers collided. as quoted Wojciech Jablonski – a spokesman for the Wroclaw police, most likely no one was injured. The police are still at the scene. Unfortunately, the incident occurred in a sensitive place. There may be difficulties in Popowice.

There was an accident here:

9.40 am

Great difficulties await drivers on National Road no 3 in the loop Mislo – Jizo. The roads are so snowy that the trucks are not able to go up the hill. Huge traffic jams. You can find the video of the tour below:

Here are the biggest obstacles:

9.15 am

Monday (March 27) approx. 9 firefighters from Wroclaw received a report of a serious accident on the outskirts of Wroclaw Ewenach. on the Mujahideen. street. Two passenger cars collided in Jacek at the Iwini-Cherniki roundabout. As the firefighting officer on duty told Gazeta Wrocławska, two people were injured. Rescuers, three firefighting teams and police are still at the scene.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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