[EXTRAIT] “Red Bracelets”: A death and a lot of hope for Felix

Cont Red bracelets Tuesday evening left us with a heartbreaking drama.

If you haven't seen this final episode yet, be aware that there is a lot of information in this text and it might ruin your viewing.

Felix can look to the future after four years in hospital.

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He was believed to have been sentenced to death, but Felix was released after four years in hospital punctuated by seven surgeries. The young man did not plan for a long time because he often faced death, but now that he is in remission, he can dream, especially because he knows that life is precious and fragile after losing his friends (Léanne Désilets) Flavi (Audrey Roger) and… now Justin ( Antoine L'Guer).

Yes, Justin went to join Flavi in ​​heaven after losing his battle with osteosarcoma.

Actor Antoine L'Écuyer in his role as Justin.

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Two authors Michel Brouillette and Stéphanie Perreault wanted to be consistent with life, which means that young patients survive, but others die every day in our hospitals.

“Even though it was absolutely heartbreaking and we didn't want to kill Justin deep down, we did it so we didn't give away what people were really experiencing,” said M.me Perrault.

Captain Sun

Felix was the cutest character in all three seasons. His wise and empathetic discussions with his friends from the fair bangles touched our hearts and made us think.

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Felix tells Justin that without him, he would never have overcome all the obstacles and that they want to go together. It was a very touching and satisfying discussion by the teachers who let their son Leo play little Milo last season.

Léo Brouillet, son of “Les Bracelets Rouge” series creators Stéphanie Perrault and Michel Brouillet, played little Milo in the 3rd and final season.

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“Captain Sun is a symbol of incredible resilience. It's based on Albert Espinoza Puig, creator of the Catalan series. red bracelets, Inspired by it Red bracelets. We eventually wink at the original author as he writes a book, which is why Felix gives his manuscript to Anne. [Isabelle Blais]», recalls Michel Brouillette.

Kevin (Étienne Galloy), the funniest member of the red bracelet group, becomes a helpful assistant by the end of the series.

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Mr. Brouillette told the QMI agency that he and his wife cried when the episodes aired, even though they wrote the texts and saw different edits. Believers of Red bracelets There were definitely some tears on Tuesday night, but this finale was full of happy moments that made viewers feel good.

“We always wanted to maintain light and shadow throughout the series. This is what inspired us to write Red bracelets in the beginning. We loved this balance and humor,” says Mme Perrault asserted that the Red Bracelets “helped each other a lot through their improbable friendship, which saved everyone a little.”

Lou (Milya Corbeil Gauvreau) with her piano teacher before an audition at a music conservatory.

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“The road is long, hard, Felix, Kevin and Lou have had a lot of problems, but in the end they are able to overcome it, recover, they are strong and the disease changed them”, said Mr. Broulet said.

After finally showing us the nursing staff, the sequence ends with a hockey game.

“We chose not to reveal what Justin whispered to Felix, but to us, because hockey was the center of his life, he missed it so much that he wanted his friends to play one last game,” the writer and actress said. .

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