Experts unequivocally comment on the match between Lech Poznan and Karabakh football

Why Poznan He found the toughest opponent at the start of the Champions League qualifying round, current Azerbaijan champions Karabakh Agdam. – If Lich wants to advance, he has to settle it in the first match. In my opinion, only strong advances from Poznan will allow you to think about fighting in the rematch – Jakob Rzynicak, a former Karabakh football player, said in an interview with the WP SportoweFakty portal.. In the end, the team led by John van den Brum won 1-0 after a goal from Mikael Isaac and would go to the rematch with a modest lead.

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Extremely difficult road Lech Poznan to LM. I even need a miracle to play in the group stage

Experts comment on the victory of Lech Poznan over Karabakh Agdam. ‘A deserved victory’

“I will write something that is unpopular, but Lech played great Game. Karabakh took the initiative, but only for the penalty area. At this point in his development, Lech can’t play differently if he wants to keep playing. We are known to always think “what we are not,” said Szymon Ratajczak, a journalist at Viaplay, but I prefer ugly victories over beautiful defeats.

“Big applause for Lech. For his burden and efficiency in the first half. For defeating a very strong opponent. It’s a pity for Szymczak’s position, because he will probably be harder to come back, but there’s nothing to complain about. Konrad Ferszter, journalist at

“It is good that Lech win, but it is difficult to get rid of the impression that the rematch in Baku will have a higher level of difficulty, and to go ahead with one goal may not mean much” – believes Jakub Piacek of

“It’s the art of winning a match when you don’t get better. Now you need a great plan, you need a lot of strength to get ahead. Today, the competitors were higher quality, although Lech Pozna balanced a few things really well in the second half. Let’s arrange the congratulations after Rematch” – says Rafai Wolsky, commentator for FiPlay.

“The result in Poznan is a plus, but the main point is that these advantages should not obscure the negatives. Regardless of the result – the first half is frustrated by Lech. Toys With this Karabakh pressure,” notes Thomas Urban of Viaplay.

“Isaac’s most fun trick without the ball in the action. A step forward just before a pass from the side, a defender in a raspberry, a reversal to the left and a meter of space to finish. Career, that’s where it was created “- so writes Marcin Borzęcki about Lech’s goal.

“Lech defended himself already in the first round of qualifying in the match against Karabakh at home. He did not look well in the first half, and scored a goal in the end. All in all – that’s it” – wrote Mishaw Kolodzic, director of Channel + Sports.

“I know that everyone wants to play offensively and brilliantly, but in reality, for the Polish team to exchange blows with Karabakh is like entering an abandoned gas plant with matches” – says Damien Smick of

“I watched the football match of the Polish Lech Pozna team and I am very happy. Thank you, best regards” – sums up Mateusz Rokoszewski from “Weszło”.

“There was a little Leitch in that match, like in the Indiana Jones scene. Karabakh waved his sword sharply and effectively, but then Lech pulled out his pistol and fired a shot. Bravo! It could have been 2-0, but you should be happy with what We have.” – confirms Żelisław Żyżyński of Canal + Sport.

“It is a pity that only 1-0, because here you can boldly get more. Karabakh throughout the match did not force Rodko to any difficult intervention” – wrote Matthews MichenewiczThe son of the coach of the Polish national team.

“Lech weren’t a better team, but they were more specific. The most important thing now is to be physically ready for the match again. Skinś is probably the biggest positive surprise, but he lacks self-confidence. Biggest flaw? Joel, the most ‘electric’ team in Lech – As Bowie says.

“Lech deserved victory. Good on both sides, applause for Pereira and Repocho. Good protection around 16 metres, big crowd and players close to each other. The culture of the game, peace and patterns are in the Karabakh side, so no peace before the rematch. It will be more difficult, but today” – Wojciech Bella wrote from

“For the third season in a row, the Polish champion el. LM starts with a win, which gives an opportunity for promotion and above all with points. It was confirmed that Qarabag would try to play the match even at long distances, but they failed. To enter the goal with the ball. Lech assured a great defense.” – Jan Sikorsky, who runs, notes.

“Congratulations to Lech. The high level of the game in the second half, the great work of the midfielders, some ideas for offensive work. There is also a lot to improve, because a lot of losses in the recovery are a sign of problems. The wings are undercut “- said Krzysztof Marciniak, journalist from Canal + Sport.

“It’s a pity for Skóraś. The second half of Lech Pozna is a plus. You can’t stupidly lose balls in the middle and the Azerbaijani attacks are over. It will be difficult in the rematch, but Jake thinks. Bravo to win” – ukasz writes Jekevich.

“A modest progress from Lech, but I have the impression that they made the most of this match. Karabakh at home would be more dangerous, not crazy today. Perhaps for Lech it will be more important than the result of them entering this season with something positive. Because there could have been A little depressed after the coach’s departure ”- wrote Sebastian Chapinak of Eleven Sports.

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