Slavia wins with Union and draws Tottenham with Rennes.  The first round of the Conference League is behind us

We shouldn’t be excited about the Conference League, because – at the moment – we don’t have a team there, and we have one floor up at the top, but that doesn’t mean this new competition isn’t worth a visit. It is known that this is only the third European league, but it is an interesting mixture of a certain folklore, because there is a team from Gibraltar or Estonia, with stronger football, represented by an English, German or Italian team. So what is the first historical queue?

Conference League. Federation of Slavia Ugriwa

First of all, it should be noted that Union Berlin was given a tariff. Not that we live Union 24/7 and the editorial office is covered in this team’s posters, while Union is from Slavia. He lost 1:3, and the Czechs only had to realize the superiority of Legia, so – although it is a correspondence match – it is worth appreciating the achievements of the Varsovians more.

What’s more, the union – at least in terms of personnel – did not give up on this meeting at all. The first squad included Max Cruz, Taiwo Owenyi and five other players who played in the last round of the German League against Augsburg. The malicious will say that Puchacz also played, so there was relaxation (the Pole had not yet appeared in the German elite), but without exaggeration.

Beats 4:3 Celtic. Celtic also won the Voxciar! miracles? No! early payment

Slavia played with a strong union and won. It was easier, it was true, because she played with a single player advantage, but she was leading 11 out of 11, moreover, the aces are part of the game, and no Berliner was asked to surf.

How did Puchacz fall? Most importantly – he changed before the decisive blows of Slavia. likely fallen. When it was him, he tried to quit, won four out of six games, dribble once and it was effective, but there was also chaos – only 60% of the accurate passes. learns. And at least he plays somewhere, because Pawe Wszołek doesn’t play anywhere in Berlin, except for bowling.

Conference League. Bigger Painting Brands

Going forward, the match between Rennes and Tottenham was perhaps the most interesting in terms of brands. Finally, the French team with the England team. Yes, Rennes has entered the season on average, with just one win, while Spurs already (despite the defeat to Crystal Palace) are in decent shape. Well, in the conference league there is nothing to complain about, because even if Nuno Espirito Santo hid some players, Kane and Lucas played in the first lineup.

I stood at 2:2. Spurs took the lead in the 11th minute, but then had to chase the score and finally made their way.

Did we talk about folklore? Flora surrendered to Gent only 0-1, while Lincoln lost from Gibraltar 2-0 to PAOK, but defended himself for a long time, receiving the opening goal in extra time in the first half. Karol Schwedersky did not shoot, he appeared on the field just over a quarter of an hour before the end.

Ha, we started with more optimism, but what are we hiding here – this game looks a little bad, let’s be glad that the Polish champion can join there as soon as possible in the spring, and now he is fighting with Italian, English and Russian teams. You can wonder more why our other teams are not on this list.

Full results:

  • Cairat Almaty – Nicosia Omonia 0-0
  • Flora – Ghent 0:1
  • HJK – LASK 0:2
  • Lincoln – BAOK 0:2
  • Mora – Speed ​​0: 2
  • Karabakh – Basel 0-0
  • Rennes – Tottenham 2: 2
  • Slavia – Union 3: 1
  • Slovan – Copenhagen 1: 3
  • Anorthosis – Partizan 0:2
  • Rome – CSKA Sofia 5:1
  • Bodo / Glimt – Zorya 3: 1
  • Jablonec – CFR Cluj 1: 0
  • Randers – Alkmaar 2: 2

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