This is how materials that should not exist in theory are created

Scientists from Sweden’s Linkoping University have created materials that seem impossible to get “on paper”. So, how do they do that?

The key was a new method that uses pressures nearly three times higher than those found in the Earth’s core. When this happens, pressure is a great way to change the properties of chemicals and other materials. In the duet with it, there are usually sufficiently high temperatures, which is best evidenced by the presence of diamond, which was originally an organic form of carbon.

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Using a combination of temperature and pressure, researchers can simulate the processes that occur deep within the surface of our planet. Details about this topic are shown in the pages temper nature. A member of the research team describes that the pressure used in the experiments was a single treatment, which is three times the equivalent in the ground.

It is theoretically impossible to obtain material through a combination of pressure and temperature

The upper limit used to date for the synthesis of materials using available techniques was about 200 GPa. The new approach is the result of the efforts of scientists from the University of Bayreuth, who collaborated with representatives from Linköping University. In laboratory conditions a laser and the so-called two-stage diamond chamber. In this way, the researchers were able to make an alloy of rhenium and nitrogen and synthesize rhenium nitride.

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This is the first time any of these materials have been obtained. The research is not supposed to stop there, and the scientists would like to control the synthesis products at such high pressures. Thanks to this, it should be possible to use them in various fields. First, you need to find a way not only to produce the material in the laboratory, but also to fix it so that it can be used outside its walls.

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