Marek Konminski criticizes Camille Grabara.  "It must be paid for" by the Polish national team

starting Complete Grapara not found in World Cup teamBecause Czesław Michniewicz bet on Bartłomiej Drągowski. The Copenhagen goalkeeper immediately complained to the Danish media. “I was injured in the last international game and since I came back I’ve done everything I can. I got a place as a goalkeeper at FC Copenhagen after a tough competition and I’ve been doing really well in matches. Nobody guarantees a place in the team for the World Cup and maybe I’m not good enough. I haven’t spoken to him.” after.if infection Affected, it’s okay. After all, I am Polish and will always stick to the national team. But there is also another team that plays in white and red, which I will definitely support. I think one of these teams has a slightly better chance of winning the title than the other, so I wonder if I’ll change my jersey along the way and learn a new national anthem.”

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Jomni: Teams from America love to play hard, but we don’t give up either

But after a moment he jumped into the team, because Drojovsky was injured. However, Grabara’s words were not to everyone’s liking. Marek Kominski, former actor, and until recently vice-president of the Polish Football Association, spoke out on this matter.

– He’s a very good goalkeeper, but he hasn’t taken a step to be higher in the hierarchy. In my opinion, after he gets to the training camp, he has to pay for it. was offensive. First to the coach who chose someone else. He was right, it wasn’t a controversial decision. The second thing is that it is offensive to the masses, to the nation. “I was offended,” Kosminsky said. in “Discussion +Filip Surma and Rafał Dębiński on Canal +.

Spaniards mercilessly to the Poles. They couldn’t put two passes together.

– For me, he is a boy who has problems with himself because he wants to be known for his statements. I’m far from deleting someone slapping something stupid. On the other hand, the boy again comes out with such a media show, which is absolutely pointless. Sure enough, the coach took him for an interview – concluded the former Bresci Calcio I Udinese.

Everything indicates that Grabara will be the third goalkeeper after Łukasz Skorupski and Wojciech Szczęsny.

The Poles went to the World Cup

The first match Polish representation You will play on November 22nd against Mexico. They will face Saudi Arabia on November 26 and Argentina four days later. In the last confrontation before the World Cup, the Poles beat Chile 1: 0 at Legia, but the result was better than the match.

Pawel Kresalowicz, Jan BednarikKryszalowicz was fired, then went silent for 20 years. Curse of the World Cup for the Poles

“Zero in the back, which the setter enjoys more. One goal from Krzysztof Piątek was pressed in at the end, which softens the criticism a bit. The game makes your teeth hurt, but at least the balloon isn’t inflated. And no new injuries, so you can Flying away to the World Cup. There is also something beautiful that can only be results, certainly not the national team match “-’s Dawid Szymczak commented on the meeting.

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