Ewa Kasprzyk for the Polish Oscar nominee.  How do you like “the boys”?

Recently, the Polish media has been abuzz with news… A surprising choice regarding a Polish film that will have a chance to compete for the most important statuette in the film industry. To the surprise of viewers, she got the nomination The latest film adaptation of Władysław Reymont’s novel.

Moments after finishing 48th Polish Film Festival in GdyniaDuring the press conference of the Polish Film Institute, we found out that this is the case “The Peasants” will compete for Oscar nominations in 2024.

Although the film was well received in Poland and abroad (an excellent reception at the Toronto festival), there were also many critical voices. Renowned film expert Thomas Raczek The production, directed by Hugh Welshman and Dorota Kobiela, gave Welshman a less-than-stellar accolade.

“For me, this movie got a 5 out of 10, even though the reviews for it are very high. It’s fascinating and shocking, but it’s not about the technology itself; Acting, because we already had drama here.” – summarized in a review on his YouTube channel.

The famous actress has a completely different opinion than the Polish Oscar nominee Ewa Kasprzykwhich in “peasants” She played the role of Marcjanna Pacześ – Jagna’s mother. The star of such visits “Mogil Bullet” I “And Carol 2”Draws attention Primarily down to the visual aspect of the film, which is very original.

“In my feeling This movie is international. Because it’s already drawn, because it’s adult animation (…) from my point of view, from what I experienced in Toronto, What joy and applause there wasI think so “This film is a true work of art.” – He explains in an interview with Show News.

How will audiences receive the film in Poland? For the first show “peasants” Viewers will have to wait a little longer – pThe production will be shown in our cinemas on October 10.

She also did not hide her joy at the recognition of a film adaptation of the classic novel Julia WinyawaWho recorded two songs for the film and also participated in it. The star was very excited about the news of her casting “peasants” The Polish Oscar nominee has that You have confused filtration with filtration.

She announced on her account on the “InstaStory” website that “the film “Chłopi”, in which she had the pleasure of appearing and singing two songs, was nominated for an Oscar,” but she deleted the story after a while.

We will only find out if the Polish production will have a chance to fight for the golden statue January 23, 2024.

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