Even though they have photovoltaic units, they have to pay a huge electricity bill
They were supposed to save money investing in photovoltaics, but after a few months of connecting to the electricity grid, they received a huge electricity bill. They’ve been fighting with the power company for weeks because they claim they haven’t been using much electricity.

Mr. and Mrs. Vigil live near Lublin. Two years ago, the family decided to invest in renewable energy sources to save on their electricity bills. Photovoltaic panels appeared on the roof of their house.

– Before installing photovoltaics, we paid about PLN 250 per month for electricity. Immediately after installing the photovoltaic cells, we received PLN 152 for half a year,” says Dominik Vigil.

They got a new meter and then a huge electricity bill

At the end of last year, the energy company replaced Mr. and Mrs. Vigil’s electricity meter. After a few months of operating the new device, the bill came, which shocked the couple.

-I have checked four times if the address is correct and if it is actually in my name. But it was okay, says Monica Vigil.

– My wife called me to the kitchen and said that we have 10,959 PLN in the account for half a year – adds Mr. Dominik.

It was difficult for Mr and Mrs Vigil to cope with the bill issued by the energy company – especially since – they claim – the electrical equipment in their home had not changed since the previous bill.

What is the average electricity consumption?

Is the equipment owned by the Vigla family able to generate a bill of several thousand złoty within a few months? How long will he have to work? We turned to an expert from Warsaw University of Technology with these questions.

– The average reported by energy companies, the so-called average consumption is 3-4 thousand. kilowatt hours. Consumption at level 12 or 13, as in this case, is eight times the average standard consumption for half a year. These are either eight apartments or a small residential area – says Dr. M. Konrad Sobolevsky.

Are there any devices that can generate an invoice for PLN 11,000? PLN in half a year?

-You should have your induction hob, electric heater and heat pump running at all times…and they should be on all the time. Maybe, but not on this scale, because about 20-30 percent, there may be damage to the installation inside the customer’s premises, some leaks, short circuits – explains Dr. M. Konrad Sobolevsky.

According to the Figl family, the installation was checked and everything was fine.

– I will put the blame on the side of the energy company – suggests an expert from Warsaw University of Technology.

Mr. and Mrs. Vigil had such doubts, so they immediately filed a complaint with the energy company. After their intervention, energy engineers replaced the meter, which showed high electricity consumption.

Can the meter show the electricity consumption incorrectly?

– Meters are usually installed at the beginning of the customer’s installation and are exposed to lightning strikes. The situation may be a seemingly invisible one – damage to one of the elements of the measuring path. It may also be a matter of poor connection or bad configuration. The meter may have been used by someone somewhere, was not reset to zero, and may have been installed that way. If this meter was previously used in someone’s production plant and there was a different measuring system, there may be several times differences in the readings – explains Dr. Eng. Konrad Sobolevsky.

Mr and Mrs Vigil had power engineers check the meter, which showed significant power consumption. Energy specialists tested the device in their own laboratory and it was found that the meter meets all the requirements established by law.

– If there was an error in this expert opinion, such that a different amount of energy flowed through the meter and a different amount was recorded on the screen, we would actually say: “We are very sorry, the device is broken, and we will refund the money we collected incorrectly or we will delete what we wanted to collect Or we’ll fix it.” – He heard a couple at the power plant.

Corrective invoices are common in our country and this invoice could have been corrected a long time ago, but in the expert opinion prepared by the laboratory, the matter is as it is. The regulations here do not support the client. An energy company employee added that a complaint does not exempt you from paying on time.

– Nothing has been resolved, we are at the same point as before. The bills are horrific. We wrote another complaint and are waiting to see what happens – my husband ends up with Vigla.

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