Andre Ryu at the Videotron Center: King of the Waltz and Master of Entertainment

He is said to be the king of the waltz, but in front of more than 11,000 people gathered at the Videotron Center on Thursday evening, Dutch conductor/violinist Andre Riu recalled that he was also a master of the art of crowd-pleasing.

To achieve this, he had three trump cards: from Ravel and Verdi to Elvis Presley and Little Richard, extensive retellings of great classical, gospel, opera and pop melodies, his charismatic personality and sense of humor.

We have an eloquent demonstration of this just minutes into the concert.

His Johann Strauss Orchestra made a triumphant entry to the sound of a military march. Entry of the GladiatorsAs he made his way across the entire floor of the Videotron Center to the stage, Andre Ryu noticed two audience members hurrying to their seats.

“You are too late,” he told them. We are from Holland and we are on time. »

Dynamic Gospel Choir

The tone is set. The 73-year-old artist learned how to tell jokes and expressions with great fun Thrill In French, he used it throughout the evening, the common thread of this large-scale concert, which brought together nearly a hundred artists in total on a semicircular stage.

Andre Ryu and his band Thursday at the Videotron Center.

Photography agent QMI, Pascal Huot

Although the musicians were numerous and in perfect mastery, it was the vocals that made the difference. In this regard, we should welcome the integration of a gospel choir. In a section composed of I will follow you, Amen And Oh good dayIts singers dazzle with their active and powerful vocal chords and their infectious energy.

Also mention the dramatic sopranos Anna Majczak and Mikaela Oeste. I belong to myself And dear name, by Verdi. Surprisingly, they also confused the public.

Liveliness and depression

André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra entertained an audience of 11,000 at the Videotron Center on Thursday.

Photography agent QMI, Pascal Huot

We can’t imagine a Metallica concert Master of puppetryAndré Rieu’s performances come with a stock of classic repertoire classics.

placed at the beginning of the path, E And Funiculi Funicula It brought vibrancy to the recital while moving Rose And Highland CathedralThe latter was rocked by a corps of bagpipes, playing the melancholy card brilliantly.

Apparently, a detour to Ryu’s idol Strauss was on the agenda, and when the master of ceremonies brought out his famous Stradivarius, several couples in the audience managed to dance a waltz. Blue Danube An immaculate, and grand front, BoleroBy Ravel.

André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra entertained an audience of 11,000 at the Videotron Center on Thursday.

André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, Thursday, in Quebec.

Photography agent QMI, Pascal Huot

As a reminder, Andre Ryu successfully used the same strategy of different moods. So, after a while let’s release A festive formula, majestically presented with a glass in hand Can’t help falling in love Borrowed from King and Amazing Grace brought everyone down a path of raw emotion.

  • After Quebec, André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will make a stop at the Bell Center in Montreal on Friday evening.

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