Evacuation of the Argentine national team by helicopter.  All M¦ standards exceeded

Argentinian fans They supported in droves the acting Lionel Scaloni in Qatar and those who remained in their home country gathered in public to watch the encounters together. After Argentina won Final World Championships, the country’s big Vita started. There were even cases When fans lost their lives. One of them as a result of falling off the roofand the other through Flag choke. On Tuesday, players traveled the country and authorities ordered a day off to welcome the new world champions. However, the fans definitely overdid it and the streets of Buenos Aires became dangerous.

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The match between France and Argentina got the fans excited. “It could have been different.”

The Argentine national team was evacuated by helicopter from the streets of Buenos Aires. Fans’ cowardice turned into a mess

About 5 million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires to greet the Argentine players. Accompany the masses the frame along the entire route, which started at the headquarters of the AFA Football Association and was to end at the Plaza de la Repubblica in the city center. The distance between the two venues is about 20 kilometers, and the runners covered half the way in just over 3.5 hours. Fans jumped on the bus from bridges, blocked the highway and tried to get as close to their idols as possible.

The world champions were scheduled to arrive at the Plaza de la Repubblica at 12:30 local time, but by 4:00 pm the authorities realized this was unrealistic. “They do not allow us to say hello to all the people who were under the obelisk, the same security services that accompanied us do not allow us to move forward,” wrote the president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Fabian Tapia, on Twitter. The celebrating fans did not pay attention to the consequences and destroyed the infrastructure – bus stops, overturned trash cans and overturned street lamps. The Buenos Aires authorities decided to stop the show and cut the losses.

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Government helicopters flew over the world champions and cleared them from the relentless motorcade of buses. The machines soared into the air and the Obelisk of Buenos Aires reached, but only through it could the players greet the fans. For security reasons, the players did not appear on the spot for a long time, and the fans had to interrupt the grand celebration.

– It is impossible to move forward on a double-decker bus. a lot of people. Players can wave to the crowd from helicopters. Some fans are already saying hello to them incident! Only Argentina, wrote on Twitter the French journalist Georges Quirino Chaves, who was present on the streets of Buenos Aires.

“The world champions drive the entire route by helicopter because, due to the explosion of popular joy, it has become impossible to travel on the ground,” said Gabriela Cerruti, a spokeswoman for the Argentine president, according to “RMC Sport”.

Enzo Fernadez, who was named the tournament’s Young Player of the Year, shared a photo via Instagram during a helicopter ride.

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