Solar panels alone are nothing.  In such a combination, fixation gives much better results

The researchers associated with it have suggested that their proprietary system — known as PowerNEST — will harvest not only solar energy but also wind energy. This combination makes it possible to produce 6 to 10 times more energy than what is provided by the panels alone.

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The fact that the described solution is correct is evidenced by the fact that five such systems have already been installed in the Netherlands. A hybrid of solar panels and wind turbines can be installed in a building with at least five floors. As explained by the company’s president, Alexander Somma, PowerNEST accelerates wind flow to turbines so that their power increases fourfold. In contrast, solar panels gain about 30-40% additional energy.

The installation includes a 3 kW wind turbine and double sided solar panels that capture the rays reflected inside the white housing. Each unit measures 7.2m x 7.2m and is 4.8m high.

One of these systems, which is installed on the Dutch HaasjeOver building, consists of ten units. This means a total of 240 double-sided solar panels of 396W and 56 single-sided solar panels of 335W. This configuration translates to an energy production of 116 MWh per year. In addition, there are also four wind turbines with a capacity of 3 kW and an annual capacity of 24 MWh, which gives an annual result of 140 MWh. Under these conditions, 85% of the energy demand of the entire building can be met.

Solar panels combined with wind turbines provide much higher energy production efficiency

The cost of implementing this project is about 800 thousand euros. At this price, Soma explains, there are assurances regarding the integrity, efficiency and durability of the structure. Further development of this technology (and the company itself) should lead to lower prices. Another 12 projects are already under construction, while Ibis Power plans to expand into the European and American markets.

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Renewables are now getting expensive, especially in an era of rising raw material prices and restrictions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In this case, we are talking about a relatively innovative approach to the matter, which should show satisfactory efficiency at ever lower costs. So what, when PowerNEST comes out in Poland?

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