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Movie eternity The MCU is entering completely new areas of the universe. That’s a bold move, because the title’s cast of heroes haven’t penetrated viewers’ pop culture consciousness as heroes like Iron Man or Captain America. This tough challenge, to bring their adventures to the big screen and the attention of the audience, was undertaken by the Academy Award winner. Chloe Chow. Thus we can see in the film the eternal names. These semi-divine beings were created by the Celts to defend Earth against perverts – monsters that come from the depths of space. When their job is done, they go different ways. However, after many years, they will have to join forces once again to save Earth once again.

The strongest aspect of Zhao’s production is, above all, the characters who drive the entire event. It is well written. I think everyone will find their favorite in the title group, who will support them. For my part, I will distinguish several creations. Camille Nanjiani It is an excellent comic element. It brings a lot of slack to the show. It comes in very handy when you need to defuse an overly pathetic situation with a joke. Together with his assistant Karun, they make a great comedy duo. Angelina Jolie Like Thena, she has an interesting topic about some kind of PTSD. I won’t go into her story, because it is of great importance to the plot, but the actress plays the shock of her character very well. Gemma Chan In the role of Sersi, she brings a lot of good and at some point becomes the true heart of the film. He will definitely gain a lot of fans after the premiere. While Barry Keoghan As a cynical druid, he has a chance to prove himself in his creation. It shows well the pain and helplessness of her hero. These are distinct roles, but – as I mentioned – each character has an interesting character trait and its own dilemmas and determines the strength of production.

Not only are the characters the strength of the movie, but so are the relationships between them. Zhao made a very good movie about a dysfunctional family that holds together despite tremendous adversities. in a team eternity We’ll get a whole mix of feelings. We have, among other things, unrequited love, the will to find our own path in life, helplessness, or the need to keep a toxic secret. Everything is like a powder keg that has to explode at some point. But fortunately, the director is able to keep the emotional mix of the title team in check, so that the story runs smoothly and all the threads, main and side, seamlessly intertwine with each other. All thanks to the cast. You can see that there is chemistry between the actors. The moments when the heroes appear together on the screen and interact with each other are the best. This mixture of interest, sarcasm, gossip, and love is great to watch.

The weakest element of the show are the villains. Since there are so many of them, it’s as if the developers couldn’t decide which one is the main one. Unfortunately, that puts all the bad guys down, because we don’t really get the interesting stories (not just one of them) that will explain their motives or make us understand their plan a bit. He especially regrets the perverted antagonist, who had great potential built throughout the story, but in the end was just a villain who could be safely forgotten right after the show.

Zhao’s production is really beautiful visually. The fact that the director wanted to shoot most of the shots outdoors, and not on the green screen, was a bull’s-eye. Very good shots of landscapes and open spaces are not only pleasing to the eye, but also (or perhaps most important of all) add extraordinary and even epic charm to action scenes. Were it not for outdoor photography, CGI could confuse the viewer. Although I feel like there are a lot of influences in places, it doesn’t distract me from the heroes. Action scenes run smoothly and there is no clutter to notice. The fight sequences may not be impressive and change the face of the MCU in this regard, but they are very well executed. I especially liked the skirmishes in the Amazon village, part of which can be seen in the trailer. The beautiful visuals and CGI in the new Marvel movie is a great combination.

eternity It’s a very good introduction to the MCU for the new superhero squad. Great personalities and the relationships between them and the visual field are the strongest points of Chloe Chow’s production. The show has been upgraded to my top 5 favorite MCU movies. So I highly recommend it.


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