Alessandro Bacciano and Sophie Codigoni at the Venice Festival

In Italy, it continues 79th Venice Film FestivalWhich collects not only movie stars, but also all kinds of celebrities and inspectors.

At the premiere of “Son”, the attention of the photojournalists was stolen by a well-known couple from the Italian version of the program “Big brother VIP “Alessandro Bacciano and Sophie Codegoni paraded the red carpet in the spotlight. At one point, the handsome Italian surprised his partner, taking the engagement ring from his pocket, kneeling before his chosen one and asking her to marry him.

Alessandro Bacciano and Sophie Codegoni They met and became a couple during the sixth edition of “Big Brother Vip”. When Basciano entered the house on the 96th day, Codegoni had an affair with another man – Gianmaria Antinolfi. However, it was quickly taken over.

On the program, there were quarrels between them, during which Bociano insulted the girl, most often under the influence of alcohol. For this, he received a disciplinary verdict on the 158th day and a nomination to leave the Big Brother house. After the program ended, Bassiano and Codigoni became inseparable.

The girl began to publicly assert that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Alessandro. As you can see, everything is on the right track.

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