Eternal - famous actor as a brother [SPOILER] In the post-credits scene!  The MCU also knows...Superman

Note: The text includes spoilers!

We have already informed you that the world premiere of the movie was held on October 17th in Los Angeles eternity – Soon after this event, the first very pleasant opinions about the screen story appeared on the Web. However, the real bomb exploded after a few hours. As it turns out, in the scene after the credits appear Thanos’ brother, Eros, who is played by a well-known producer Dunkirk actor and singer, Harry Stiles. Such a turn of events has been widely predicted for several weeks.

This information was first published on Twitter by Matt Donnelly, a journalist associated with the prestigious Variety website, so it comes from a reliable source. We don’t know the context of the sequence in question, nor the role Eros will play in it.

The latter, also known as Starfox, is the smallest of the A’Lars and Sui-San. In the comics, he’s at least initially portrayed as a fun, playful womanizer. As an Ancient, he possesses a whole range of powers: superhuman strength, speed and endurance, ability to fly, teleportation and manipulation of cosmic energy – he is also immortal.

Donnelly in his second Twitter post he invited eternity “The sexiest movie Marvel has ever made.” Three factors influence this view:

Actual sex scene (although intended for a general audience without age rating). Two men kiss. faces Richard Medina I Angelina Jolie.

This is not the end. Several new TV stills of the upcoming movie have been posted on the network. Someone mentions… Superman. Thus one of the ancients, Fastus (Brian Terry HenryHe lives far from civilization with his family. However, he sees his son Jack on TV as part of the eternal battle against perverts, in which Icaris (Madden) and Fastus take part. Then the boy says to his father:

Dad, that head is Superman and you shoot lasers out of your eyes!

Take a look for yourself:

The reference to Man of Steel is most likely an Easter egg aimed directly at Marvel Studios’ head, Kevin Fiji. Let us remind you that he started his career as a partner of legend Richard Donera, film director Superman from 1978.

We also have a chance to see photos from the movie’s world premiere – you can see at least a few from the production team:

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Movie eternity It will premiere in Polish cinemas on November 5.

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