Madonna's daughter reveals behind the scenes of her upbringing: "My mother keeps my life all my life"

Lord Lyongirl MadonnaSince his appearance in the world, he has attracted the attention of the media. Despite this, the eldest child of the star somewhat lived in the shadow of the famous mother for years. True, you can occasionally meet her next to the singer on the wall, but her career began only recently. In January, he turns 25 Set up a profile on Instagram And henceforth bolder Uses invitations to industry events.

newly Lord She gave an interview in which she opened up about her upbringing in the home of the “Queen of Pop”. In an interview with Interview Magazine, the 63-year-old eldest admitted that her mother was real Strange control.

My mom is a control freak and she’s been controlling me my whole life – Quote from the celebrity portal page six.

It turns out that due to the “supervisory” nature of Madonna, Lola had to isolate herself from her.

I felt the need to be completely independent from her as soon as I finished school – He remembers, revealing that she did so by her decision to do so Self-support while studying.

Although the 25-year-old knows it “Growed Up With Exceptional Privileges”, argues that she and her siblings They didn’t get any money from Madonna.

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I think my mom looked at all these famous kids and said: “My king wouldn’t be like this.” I also believe that when your parents give you money, it gives them a chance to influence your life Mature Leon says she wants to make money in the future other than taking pictures:

My mom is very insistent on thinking about what I want to be known for other than my appearance – She said in an interview, adding that in this case she agrees with the guardian: I don’t want people to remember me for that. this is not real.

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But for now, Madonna’s daughter is satisfied with what she does:

Financially, modeling is a smart decision. I love being involved in the campaigns I’m involved in, so I don’t just treat modeling as such. I dance, have a very special sense of style and am interested in aesthetics. I like to include all these parts of myself in my projects – He argues that apart from that He can sing, among other things. However, she is not convinced of acting. It turns out that it’s not about a lack of skills, but Feelings towards people in this industry:

Actors really annoy me and I can’t be around them – We found out.


Lord also admitted that it started with age Understand the phenomenon of the mother.

I didn’t quite understand it until I realized how important it is to become independent and what it means to be a woman. My mother was probably the most hardworking person I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, I did not inherit my work ethic. Instead, she took over her control problems… – acknowledges.

Are you surprised by her mature approach?

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