A captivating Polish action game with a dark fantasy and Slavic atmosphere at a record price on Steam
21 October 2023, at 21:04

Although it has been less than a year since its premiere, Polish action game Blacktail is available on Steam at a very attractive price. This title received high reviews, among other things: for an interesting plot, Slavic atmosphere, captivating graphics and good gameplay.

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Blacktail was interesting from the start, and subsequent trailers and gameplay have only increased public interest in this production. When I finally came out, it turned out that it was the Krakow studio The Parasight Presented a new and very beautiful game with an interesting plot – It is a repetition of the legend of Baba Yaga – The gameplay is well designedWith bow fighting in the foreground.

Black tail Received high marks from industry reviewers – regardless of platform Average scores aggregated by site Metacritic.com It swings around 80 out of 100 The players also liked it, and this is proof of that 83% positive feedback rate on Steam. December 15 will mark one year since the first-person action game premiered. If you missed it, this is a good chance to get it.

Black tail It happened Due to the record reduction in prices. This Polish production can be purchased on the Valve platform for PLN 44.99. You can take advantage of the offer by clicking the button below. It is valid Until November 2 Until 6:00 pm Polish time.

Blacktail for PLN 44.99 on Steam

Players on Steam praise most of the items Black tailoften referring to the game’s dark Slavic atmosphere and “magical” color palette. -The colors are very vivid, making the surroundings look very beautiful and unforgettable – As well as the excellent soundtrack. Most people also liked the plot, which included more motifs from classic fairy tales than just those related to Baba Yaga. However, some people complain about the humor in the game – in their opinion, it is completely inappropriate – and others do not really like the combat system.

If you are inclined to buy Black tailI know that Complete the adventure that awaits you occupy Average 8.5 hours. However, I will add that, playing at a relatively normal pace and not collecting everything, I spent about twelve clock cycles on my first playthrough of this title. Therefore, “maxing out” should take much longer.

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