The new EtF-style shooter has debuted in Early Access and has high hardware requirements.  The creators of Gray Zone Warfare are trying to contain the confusion

Update No. 6

They did it all Problems with anti-cheat (Especially easy anti-cheat)Which prevents some players from playing. The creators are looking into this issue. Meanwhile, the “peak” has risen to approximately 34,000 people playing at the same time (via SteamDB), and the number of positive reviews from Steam users has dropped to 45% (submitted by 322 people so far).

Update #5 (1:33 p.m.)

While he is in the game he is at what is called a “peak” More than 27 thousand peopleIt is happening The first problems are with the servers. Currently, the studio is experiencing heavy load on its Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam servers.

Update #4 (1:25 p.m.)

The GZW card on Steam now looks as it should. Later content variants are located below the standard edition of the game and are marked with an “Upgrade” note..

Update #3 (12:56)

From the card JZW The Tactical variant has disappeared on Steam. As a result, the first version you can purchase is the Standard Edition.

Update #2 (12:25)

Developers ReportThey are working with Valve to improve the transparency of the games tab on Steam.

Update #1 (11:57)

Gra Gray zone war took off Earlier than suggested by the developers on the official Discord. As a result, we also learned the official Polish prices for individual thresholds – and updated them in the table included in the original message.

Please note that the amounts differ from what the developers have provided in the official table. This is due to the fact that your primary purchase must be the base game, costing PLN 161.99 – additional levels can be unlocked based on DLC after paying the amount specified in the game card on Steam.

The creators of Escape from Tarkov haven't enjoyed good press lately. It seems that the problems they are facing were planned by the Madfinger Games studio, which… Today (i.e. April 30) the tactical shooter will launch in Early Access Gray zone war.

More information about gameplay can be found in our previous post. Under this connection You'll see the first trailer for the game, which will be released alongside the game's debut in Early Access.

Since the first demos, the shooter has attracted attention with its high-quality graphics. If you already suspected that the title would be demanding for our “tinsmiths”, you were not wrong. You can analyze the technical specifications below Gray zone war.

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