Former Ballon d'Or voter on the fortunes of Robert Lewandowski.  Result expected

Only journalists from around the world vote in this year’s Ballon d’Or poll. In 2010-2016, a different formula was in place, under which voters were journalists, team leaders, and selectors. Six years ago, Henrik Kasperczak, who was in charge of the Tunisian national team, was among them.

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Borek: Someone is trying to convince Lewandowski about this. This is ridiculous

At the 2015 Ballon d’Or, Kaspershak placed Robert Lewandowski in first place, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi in third. Then the Bayern Munich striker got 4.17%. votes, thus taking fourth place. NS.His best result so far in a France Football poll.

Only Messi can threaten

this year Lewandowski He is very impressive and has a high chance of winning. The Ballon d’Or gala will be held on Monday. I hope Robert Lewandowski wins this award. On the other hand, voters are always guided by the criteria given to them by the organizer, and therefore it is not known what the final results will be. One of the opponents who can realistically threaten our captain is Leo Messi. Another thing is that Messi was very successful, he won the Ballon d’Or six times, but that’s a thing of the past. Lewandowski had an excellent year 2021 and deserves recognition – says Kasperczak in an interview with

The previous limiter is paid. For Mali, Senegal, Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire, he believes that the only thing that can speak for Messi is the results of his national team. Argentina won the Copa America with him, he also got a promotion to the world championship in Qatar, and we have to fight in the qualifiers for the World Cup. It will be a fierce duel between Lewandowski and Messi. Other candidates out of the question – he argues.

Lewandowski is waiting for the award

Kasperczak lives permanently in France. How are Lewandowski’s chances of getting the Ballon d’Or evaluated there? The French are somewhat positive about Lewandowski’s chances. They think he should hit the prize. Especially since last year he was the favorite for the Ballon d’Or, but the referendum was cancelled. I pity this decision. This year, the situation is not entirely clear, it may be difficult because he is threatened by Leo Messi. I hope our football player excels. The world should appreciate him for what he does for club and country – says Kasperczak.

According to recent leaks, Leo Messi will win the award. This was claimed by the Argentine cousin, and Portuguese television RTP was the first to report it. Similar information was provided by “Mundo Deportivo” journalist Francesc Aguilar. “Since I was able to check in Paris, the people closest to Messi are convinced that Leo will receive the seventh Ballon d’Or” – wrote on Twitter.

France Football will take place next week, and on Friday the Polish national team will know their first opponent in the World Cup qualifiers. As an unranked team, the Polish team can go to: Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Wales or Scotland. – I’m afraid to bet on Wales, because in theory he is a weaker opponent, but he can be very dangerous while he is away. We have to be lucky and get past the Italians and the Portuguese. Other teams are at our fingertips, everything will be possible – says our interlocutor.

Unequivocal about the player Legia after Mioduski’s words. “to the reserves” [OCENY]

Who is the Polish competitor in the playoffs?

In the first play-off, the Poles could face a very strong opponent. At the end of the World Cup qualifiers, they lost 1:2 to Hungary and lost the opportunity to establish. And the confusion increased that coach Paulo Sousa was not part of the strong squad. Robert Lewandowski and Kamil Gleick were not called up for this meeting, Grzegorz Krychowiak was forced to pause due to an overload of cards, and Piotr Zieliński started on the bench.

Dariusz Miodowsky and Czeslaw MicniewiczMiodowsky hit Michniewicz but admitted “under pressure from the media and experts”.

According to Henrik Kasperczak, there has been no better communication in the national team and between the team and the Polish Football Association. Someone has to warn us that if we lose to Hungary, we can put ourselves in a very difficult situation in the context of the play-offs. There was no clarification of this issue before the match. There was definitely a mobilization in the team, but it wasn’t enough. Three key players did not play, so how can you not bet on them in such an important match? Who allowed this? Part of the blame also falls on the limiter, which is responsible for the results – Kasperczak ends.

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