March 28, 2023


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“Dear Santa”: Jack Black in the Farrelly Brothers’ Christmas comedy

After more than two decades black jack Will meet with the creators of “Shallow Guy”, Bobby and Peter Farrelly. The star will play the main role in the Christmas comedy “Dear Santa” production will be funded by Paramount.

“Dear Santa”: movie details

This is a story about a boy who, like every year before Christmas, writes a letter to Santa Claus. But as a result of an error, his message is sent to Satan.

Story creator Dan Ewen. The Farrelly Brothers co-wrote the screenplay with Ricky Plitt. Bobby will direct and produce the film, along with Peter.

They will also be on the Dear Santa team. Robert Timothy Smith, Keegan Michael Key, Brian Howe, Hayes MacArthur, BJ, Byrne, Kai-Cheek, Austin Post and newcomer Jaden Carson Baker.

Jack and the Farrelly Brothers: What have they been working on lately?

Black’s voice will soon be heard in the “Super Mario Bros. Film” cartoon, where he lent his voice to Bowser. Another project awaiting premiere with the participation of the actor is the video game show “Borderlands”.

Peter Farley is currently filming the comedy “Ricky Stanky,” starring Zac Efron and John Cena. Bobby Farrelly’s filmography is complemented by the sports comedy-drama “Champions,” which was shown in US cinemas last weekend.

The brothers’ most famous films made together include “Dumb and Dumber”, “There’s a Way to Be Blonde” and “Me, Irena and Me”. Without his brother’s help, Peter also shot the Oscar-winning “Green Book”.

Shallow Guy movie trailer