Lou-Adrienne Cassidy was crowned Emerging Artist of the Year

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame announced Wednesday the recipients of the Slate Music Prize, which has been rewarding the country’s top emerging songwriters since 2011.

Posted at 1:36 p.m.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

Quebecer Lou-Adrien Cassidy and Ontarian Eli Brown were crowned. In addition to receiving a scholarship, the winners will be invited to the 2022 Gala on September 24 at Massey Hall in Toronto.

Lou-Adriane Cassidy says to you: Good evening The album was a major turning point in my journey as a songwriter. I’m very proud and I had a lot of fun writing and recording. It touches me even more that this work has been honored by the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame,” Lou-Adrienne Cassidy said in a press release.

This year forty applications were analyzed by two juries, one French-speaking and one English-speaking, composed of 13 experts from the music industry. Among the previous recipients we find, in particular, Ariane Roy, Mustafa, Les Louvances and Charlotte Cardin.

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