March 21, 2023


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[EN IMAGES] The brave Yorker saves the little girl from the coyote

After a serious injury last week in Toronto’s Scarborough neighborhood, a large little dog rescued a little girl by stepping in front of a very large coyote.

Macy, a 6-year-old Yorkshire, did not hesitate to intervene when her 10-year-old mistress was chased by a coyote while her dog was walking. Images captured by a neighborhood surveillance camera show a small animal stepping on a coyote in an attempt to scare it away.

To her chagrin, Macy was violently bitten by her rival, but she did not disperse, eventually causing the coyote to flee, fleeing, and being knocked relentlessly. He ended up requiring 40 stitches and staying with the vet for a few days, as a result of which the bill was estimated at 500 4,500 to 000 7,000, said Dorothy Amelie Lilly Quan, the baby’s mother and dog owner. On the site GoFundMe.

After the attack, Macy was able to get home and began to walk slowly even on Sunday, the couple’s single mother said.

MMe Lily Kuan said she had contacted the city to advise on the attack, but city officials said she could do nothing for the coyotes, other than educate civilians to avoid new attacks like this.

“For families with small children, these animals can easily catch a 2-year-old child. It would be horrible to see that, ”he said in an interview Toronto Star, Sunday.

Earlier on Friday, when the Global Network interviewed the mother, a coyote passed by at the same time, taking refuge in a car and chasing a cyclist who could only escape him.

The city of Toronto told The Star that Coyote had distributed educational materials to residents in the neighborhood.

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“Unfortunately, most contact with coyotes in Toronto is the result of a regular food source – someone who deliberately feeds them,” a spokesman said on a daily basis.