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Building success Free guy (Free man), Ryan Reynolds co-presents with director Shawn Levy Adam’s plan (Adam through time), A film directly inspired by 1980s cinema. The Canadian actor and an American citizen never hesitated to confirm that there had never been so many personal vibes in his projects before.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

Mark-Andre Lucier

Mark-Andre Lucier

The plot of Adam’s plan First set in 2050. Ryan Reynolds plays a 40-year-old pilot who uses a time machine to complete a task. A few years beyond the planned plan, Adam finds himself in 2022, confronts himself at the age of 12, and, above all, faces a family after the disappearance of his father (Mark Rufallo). This science fiction comedy also has a role to play, allowing the actor to dig into a theme that touches on an intimate way.

“Many aspects of this story resonate in my own life,” he says Press During the video conference interview. We can rarely resolve to be at peace with a loved one as we would like to be separated. Sometimes life means we miss this opportunity. Personally, to get to know my father truly, to know who he is, even though he has been in my life, I have never had the opportunity. I feel sad about what I missed, especially since I am responsible for this situation. The film evokes the fantasy that something can be done again. Along the way, we came across a love letter to parents. ⁇

Like a 1980s movie

Born in Montreal with Shawn Levy, he was a director who fell in love with his career Free guyRyan Reynolds was able to create a film with the tone and style that inspired 1980s movies, through which they both grew up.

Photo by NETFLIX

Walker Scobel and Ryan Reynolds play the same character Adam’s plan (Adam through time), Film directed by Shawn Levy

“For us, this is a very obvious option, from the beginning, the actor explains. Adam’s plan It has all the elements we wanted and felt. It was clear to us that we could make a connection with Back to the future, And., Crooks, The domain of dreams, In short, the films we saw in our youth and the films that reached all ages as children and adults. ⁇

We had the feeling of being Adam’s plan One group can address the whole family in the same way, without targeting another group. These films of the 1980s were able to entertain, entertain and move. They were the exception.

Ryan Reynolds

Then Dead pool, Deadpool 2 And Free guy, Adam’s plan This is the fourth film in which Ryan Renault has also been contracted as a producer. Except that the actor has occupied this activity as a business partner with various companies, especially the Welsh football club Rexham AFC.

“Making a picture is a big burden because you have to think about the small details and solve all the problems,” he says. Then most of the movies I star in have extensive effects. We often have to create machines for our stories that need to be rediscovered. Of all the films I have produced, this one is definitely the most unique. ⁇

A wonderful trip

Ryan Reynolds’ career is amazing because he admits he has pursued his career as an actor for many years without interest. He was born in 1976 in Vancouver where he grew up, although he landed his first roles at the age of 12.

At the time, I wanted to leave home! It does not seem to come from a passion for the game or an innate desire to tell a story.

Ryan Reynolds

“At home, I was the youngest of four boys, often the target of the other three,” he says. At school, I was already doing improv and joke. One day, a television crew came to recruit young people for a children’s soap opera, and I landed a role. My fee is $ 200 per week. I took odd jobs and went back to school, but it really started 25 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. ⁇

Photo by Angela Weiss, France-Press Agency

Ryan Reynolds leads Adam’s plan (Adam through time), Film directed by Shawn Levy.

Ryan Reynolds has never been less of a workaholic in Hollywood, but it still took him a long time to get fully involved in his art.

“I would say it happened when I was 30! he said. Only then did I realize what to do and what not to do. The feeling came when I realized that the most important aspect is how to tell a story. When I make a film, I also have the opportunity to be in the editing room. Although I cut the sequence when needed, I was very strict with myself. There is so much danger.What fate awaits Adam’s plan, My name will be associated with it forever. ⁇

It should be noted that Ryan Reynolds, along with his wife Blake Lively, provided financial assistance to refugees from the war unleashed by the Russian government in Ukraine, and doubled its donations to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Adam’s plan (Adam through time In the French version) Available on Netflix on March 11th.

Photo by NETFLIX

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Rufallo and Walker Scobel Adam’s plan (Adam through time), Film directed by Shawn Levy

First to Shawn Levy

Successful producer and director, we are indebted to all three of these films Night at the MuseumShawn Levy is the leader Adam’s plan, A large-scale product offered by Netflix. Thanks to the series even though he is already in contact with an online broadcaster Stranger thingsFor this he is directing a few episodes and additionally acting as executive producer, the native Montreal has never directed a film exclusively for a site before.

“I’m still getting used to the idea,” the filmmaker said in an interview Press. The premiere of the film was arranged in Toronto, another is in New York, and I enjoyed the moment knowing that some people would get the chance to see it on the big screen. On the one hand, I like big screen cinema, I will produce other films that will be shown in theaters first. At the same time, Adam’s plan It can be seen in over 200 countries, often even in places where there are no theaters. There are no more blockbusters like this with such a global reach, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to take this story to such a wide audience. ⁇

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