(Ottawa) An army officer who previously oversaw the vaccination campaign in Canada said his reputation had been “irreparably tarnished” by the government’s sudden decision to replace him in May and that he had publicly revealed that he had been attacked. ‘A sexual abuse investigation.

Lee Perth
The Canadian Press

Major-General Danny Fordin’s claim is in the affidavit sent last week, but its existence was not made public until Thursday, as part of a legal battle to overturn his expulsion from the company. Canada’s Public Health (PHAC) is irrelevant and politically motivated.

Danny Ford was expelled from the vaccination campaign on May 14, five days before the Canadian Forces National Intelligence Service’s Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DBCB) decided whether to bring criminal charges to a sexual abuse investigation.

Through his lawyers, Danny Ford denied any wrongdoing.

Danny Fordin’s lawyers filed an application in federal court last month demanding that the judiciary review the decision to remove him from office at PHAC as soon as possible, overturn that decision and re-employ him as an agency or other office.

In his July 13 confession, he claims that the impact of Danny Ford’s decision to remove him from office and expose the misconduct investigation has had a devastating effect on his reputation and career.

Danny Fordin says he received an exemplary performance rating just three days before leaving the immunization campaign and was at the peak of his career with expectations of promotion or promotion. Another opportunity at the end of his career at PHAC.

However, due to the decision to expel him, he says he no longer has a job despite being a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

According to him, he did not consider any post and his “life is over”.

Danny Ford challenged the government’s decision to reveal the existence of an investigation into his conduct.

“The reputation I have built up over the three decades I have served my country has been irreparably tarnished by the decision to publicly declare an inquiry into my alleged conduct,” read the affidavit, “an allegation of misconduct for more than 30 years related to the lack of context in advertising and the investigation.”

Danny Fordin’s lawyer, Natalia Rodriguez, said the affidavit was filed against Attorney General David Lametti, but will not be filed in court until September.

“We deliver this to you sooner than expected for transparency and transparency,” he said in an email. “We understand that there is significant public interest in this matter and would like to provide as much information as possible to the public on issues raised in this application.”

When asked to comment on Thursday, Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan spokesman Daniel Mindon said: “It is inappropriate to comment at this time as it is an ongoing legal issue. ”

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