May 30, 2023


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Elon Musk in serious trouble in Poland!  Coveted Tesla car excluded from 'My Electrician' subsidy program

Elon Musk in serious trouble in Poland! Coveted Tesla car excluded from ‘My Electrician’ subsidy program

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car in Europe. Its rich potential is attracting more and more drivers, but Poland will be an exception. Unfortunately, Elon Musk has crossed the unacceptable limit. As a result, many people will no longer be able to receive support from the “My Electrician” program for the desired version.

Drivers in Europe praise the Tesla 3 a lot, including. for its multimedia and independent capabilities. The magnet is also a battery with modern technology and the possibility of fast charging. For this reason, the long-range version has been an increasingly popular option. On pneumatic wheels and with an enlarged battery, it officially has a range of 638 km (WLTP units). However, something happened this week that could seriously affect Tesla sales in Poland.

Tesla has been excluded from the My Electrician program

Elon Musk values ​​himself

All due to the exclusion of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range from the Polish support program “My Electrician”. Elon Musk raised prices a few days ago, so his famous car is no longer stuck within the confines of some financing options. It’s a common buyout for a 50 percent company. VAT deduction (for private and commercial use). Additional payment is given for purchases in this option, when the net amount does not exceed PLN 201793 (total PLN 248206).

It just so happened that the price of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range went up by 5,000 recently. zloty. Exactly from the total of PLN 244,990 to PLN 249,990. The cap was only exceeded (with these budgets being probably the right word) by 1784 zlotys, spoiling the plans of many Poles. With such a small difference, can you apply for a discount? You can, but because the rental company Hertz didn’t get it (advertising the 100,000 copies of Tesla’s order), you can answer it yourself. The increases are likely in the wake of higher inflation and the weakening of the Polish zloty against the dollar.

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Order Hertz 100,000 Tesla Model 3

Of course, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is still stuck at the limit for entrepreneurs (NZL 225,000 net / PLN 27,6750 gross) who will use the car only for business purposes. More and more detailed inspections in Poland mean that trying to bend regulations in this regard could result in harsh punishment. It is worth noting that the maximum surcharge is 27 thousand. PLN is possible with the declaration of mileage in excess of 30 thousand. How many in 2 years. In the case of mileage up to 15 thousand. km during the year, the support is 18750 PLN.

What Tesla can charge additional fees?

In this case, individuals and businessmen who intend to use the company’s Tesla can also purchase the cheapest Model 3 using back-up. The version that was previously called Standard Range + (new range up to 510 km WLTP) has also increased in price and now costs PLN 219,990 in total. It is also the slowest car in Tesla, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds. For comparison, the long-range version does it in 4.4 seconds. The Model 3, on the other hand, takes just 3.3 seconds (547 km of range) to perform, such a fast sprint. With a total price of PLN 269,990, I’m still stuck with “My Electrician”, but only 100 percent. For official use.