Alexander Lukashenko is silent about his wife.  What happened to Galina Rodionova?

Galina Rodionovna (66 years old) did not accompany her husband to official meetings with other leaders and their wives for years. For some time, Lukashenka’s personal doctor, Irina Abelska, took her place. She is the mother of the youngest son of the Belarusian dictator – Nicholas. After some time, Irina was pushed aside, and Lukashenka took care of Kolya’s upbringing.

Galina Rodionovna Chunyarovich was the school love of Alexander Lukashenko. It seems he fell in love with her at first sight. They performed together in one show – Grandfather was Frost, She was Snow White.

The calm and well-behaved daughter of the teacher made Lukashenko so crazy that he completely ignored his peers who liked him. Only Galina was important. – Sasha was very handsome, he often organized evenings in Szkłów, so many women liked him. That’s why I was still crossing Saska. The girls said, “Well, she came and took the best friend – Rodionovna told “Komsomolska Pravda” in 2005.

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