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Sports journalist Peter Arevalo is known as ‘Mr.’ Beat’s talking for the first time about leaving. “In 2019, after spending a long season as a reality show narrator.

The commentator gave an interview to the YouTube channel ‘Peru Pony’, where he revealed the unpublished details of the reasons that led him to withdraw from the competitive reality of American television.

I’m coming back in 2019, when the ATV Combat story is over, I’m not, I’m going back to ‘This Is War’ with Gian Piero in 2019. Suddenly I accepted my role too much because I was a very emotional guy, very cruel.“Noted ‘Mr. Beat’.

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The journalist admitted that his start on “EEG” was not pleasant. “I felt that we as militants were led to ridicule ourselves. I realized and said in the middle of the live show”.

Why did you stop saying “this is war”?

Peter Arevalo said that before he left, he had to go to talk for the Fox Sports Channel, and that he would have already decided to leave once Pachakamak returned to the reality show.

When I came back they made me a bed …, they made me a bed, not the bed, they made me a cabin. I don’t know who will complain. You make your decisions”, He continued on the YouTube channel.

So they wanted to negotiate again and I left without accepting. That is the problem. There is no betrayal on either side. I feel like they betrayed me. Yes, I feel inwardly that they have betrayed me; They betrayed me. They have no betrayal on my partHe added.

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Carlos Carlin may be an EEG conductor
Carlos Carlin may be an EEG conductor

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