January 31, 2023


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Fires in Ontario and Manitoba affect air quality in Quebec

On Monday evening, according to Environment Canada, air quality was considered poor in part of the Laurentians, in Lock-Saint-Gene, La Duke, Vadodra and Huntington, and in Laval, Cadino and cities. Shavinigan. In Montreal, a veil of pollution glistens in the sun.

The day before, there was a lot of Abbott-Demiskaming, Morrisi and Capitol-National.

Simon Legalt, a meteorologist with the Environment Canada, explains that wildfires in northwestern Ontario and eastern Manitoba can travel thousands of kilometers.

As the big bloom moves south, the situation should improve and by Tuesday morning, the north and south of the river should have worsened.

An excerpt from:Simon Legalt, Meteorologist for Environment Canada

How to assess air quality?

The sensors specifically measure the size of the particles 2.5 Issued by m3 Wind. PM particles 2.5 (Less than 2.5 microns) are found especially in smokers. They are so thin that they penetrate deep into our lungs and cause inflammatory reactions.

If the air quality in Quebec is not bad Currently in Alberta (The province gets smoke from fires in British Columbia and Saskatchewan), Legalt says, adding that the elderly, young children and people with lung disease should take some precautionary measures.

Particular attention should be paid to certain symptoms such as abnormal cough, sore throat, headache or shortness of breath.

Smoke is rising from the current wildfires in British Columbia in Alberta.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mirna Jukik

This will not be the time to train for a 200km cycle or marathon.

An excerpt from:Simon Legalt, Meteorologist for Environment Canada

Individuals planning to do strenuous physical activity are advised to check air quality (New window) Already.

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According to Graham Verstiew, a professor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), when the air quality is low, it is better to use air conditioning and indoor air circulation than to open the window because these devices do not allow smoking air inside from the outside.