Mysek Kotersky and Dagmara Bryzek have already broken up.  Marcela Leszczak like her... (photo)

Until recently, it seemed like it was real Mikai Kotersky Love and peace are back. It was revealed in June that the actor is now 23 years old Dagmara BrizekMet on a movie set. There was no limit to the general tenderness of the spouses, and the lovers had already managed to go to the wall together. Michai even wanted to play Dagmara in the new Bond game…

anyway Mikai Kotersky I Dagmara Brizek They talked endlessly about their relationship and seemed to have a lot in common, the truth was clearly different. On Monday we were able to confirm it However, the couple decided to separate, as the actor’s ex-girlfriend admitted in an interview with us. All the photos with the 23-year-old have already disappeared from Koterski’s Instagram profile.

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At the same time, Bryzek decided not to discuss the matter and did not want to publicly share the scenes of this sad event. Interestingly, after we published reports about the end of their relationship, she unexpectedly reacted to our Instagram post Marcela Leszack, the former partner of Mika and mother of his son. A celebrity and exclusion from “Top Model” left a “heart” in the post about their separation…


I remember that Marcela’s relationship with Dagmara has been very mysterious until nowIf there is anything at all. In an interview with our correspondent, Koterski’s ex-girlfriend admitted that she had no opinion about the new lover of the father of her child. Bryzic, in turn, admitted that they had not yet had the opportunity to get to know each other.

Do you think Dagmara took Marcela’s words seriously and “ran away” as you advised her?

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