Riddick.  A continuation worthy of cult sci-fi

But let’s start from the beginning. In 2000, writer-director David Twohy introduced the world to “Pitch Black.” This modestly budgeted and produced, almost B-grade sci-fi film, quickly achieved cult status. This was due to the skillful choice of genre clichés, clear and brutal action scenes, the introduction of interesting moral dilemmas and, above all, the character of Riddick. His charisma and tough nature emanated off the screen so powerfully that it overshadowed the roles of the other characters in the film. On the wave of the unique impact force of this hero, another film was created four years later, aimed at expanding the universe in which his adventures took place. Unfortunately, “The Chronicles of Riddick” is no longer as popular, and even suffered a painful defeat in cinemas, because with a budget of $105 million it managed to collect only half that amount. The reasons for this situation include a change in tradition compared to the first part – from a dark science fiction film to an interplanetary adventure – and a clear homogeneity of the message (PG-13), which also affected the character of the main character. . However, I am one of those who believe that both parts have a set of unique advantages, which allows them to complement each other well.

You can also add an animated film to the Riddick series: “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury”, explaining what happened to Riddick between the events of the first and second films, as well as two video games that explore one of the most interesting themes of his previous adventures – his escape from Butcher Bay prison . Understandably, fans were not satisfied, and the character deserved much more time in the film. Thus, David Twohy finally presents us with the third picture bearing the name of the most important hero in his screenwriting work.

“Riddick” is similar in style and plot to “Pitch Black.” This information should be enough incentive for many people to buy a ticket and reason enough to stop writing a review. However, I will take the trouble and explain what it is. The creators decided to return to the proven formula, and they did not mess around, but rather followed the path of least resistance. And I congratulate them on that, because, as I’ve already said, “The Chronicles of Riddick” was poorly received for, among other things, making the script too weird. Therefore, the focus was again on the transparency of the plot. In the next part of his adventures, the main character is betrayed and left to his fate on an unknown planet. Once again, he must summon his animal instincts to effectively fight for his survival. The land he finds himself on is filled with extremely dangerous creatures. However, that’s not the only problem that will stand in his way – his head still has a hefty price tag, which means bounty hunters will be waiting nearby. Answer the question for yourself whether he will be able to get out of trouble this time.

Riddick Vin Diesel

I loved how carefully it incorporated themes from both previous parts of the series. It is true that detailed knowledge of Riddick’s fate is not necessary to feel the pleasure of learning about his next stage. However, it is good to remember at least its broad outlines. The fulcrum of the previous two parts has been very skillfully placed, and who knows, maybe it will open the way for more films that will stray from the existing threads. “Riddick” turns out to be a well-thought-out project because, being a sequel, it also shows signs of a reboot. If you’re a fan looking to dive into the captivating world of Vin Diesel’s antihero, don’t miss out on the excitement—check out the Riddick movies in order for the ultimate viewing experience.

A word about special effects. It was notable that both “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” were not of a high standard – which was especially surprising in the case of the latter film given the larger budget. Here too, there may not be a discovery or revolution in this area, but I have the impression that it looks better, which is why “Riddick” is perhaps the film that received the best CGI in the series. Firstly, they are no longer strikingly cheap, nor are they overrated, and secondly, they are dosed in a more thoughtful way. What I liked most was the appearance and movement of the main creatures that make the characters’ lives miserable. These aren’t new xenomorphs, but there’s something about them that should be both terrifying and interesting at the same time.

Riddick Vin Diesel

However, the most important reason why the final film is worth watching David TohigoThere is no elegant plot woven from established patterns, nor any aspect of the film’s style. The reason lies in the protagonist himself, who is once again brilliantly led by – as it turns out – the inimitable Vin Diesel. Riddick is the kind of hero, or rather anti-hero, who can carry the weight of the entire film on his shoulders. It’s his fights we want to watch and his articles we want to listen to. He’s a somewhat forgotten type of action hero, unyielding in his actions, blindly believing only in his own judgment of the situation. After all, this is the type shaped by evil, but somewhere deep down, it shows signs of good. And maybe that’s why he finds his way so well in the dark – because despite the darkness surrounding him, he can see what’s most important to him. That’s why I really hope that this scum of the planets hasn’t said the last word to the public yet.

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