EagleEye satellite from Creotech Instruments.  The largest and most advanced Polish satellite

Poland's largest and most advanced satellite will be launched into Earth orbit this year. The technology used to build it can also be used in the future during a mission to the Silver Globe. TVN24 BiS correspondent Hubert Kijek was one of the first people who had the opportunity to see this unique equipment first hand and talk with its creators.

EagleEye is an observation satellite developed by the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Creotech Instruments and Scanway. It is built on the global HyperSat platform, which, due to its modular nature, can be used on missions for various purposes.

The mission is scheduled to launch in mid-2024. However, before the satellite sets off on its long journey into orbit, TVN24 BiS correspondent Hubert Kijek was one of the first to have a unique opportunity to take a closer look at it.

The EagleEye satellite was developed by Creotech InstrumentsTVN24

Photography and orbital maneuvers

EagleEye is the first satellite designed and manufactured in Poland with a mass of more than 50 kilograms. It will operate in very low orbit (VLEO – very low Earth orbit).

As Creotech Instruments representatives told Hubert Kijek, the goal of the EagleEye mission is to comprehensively test the HyperSat platform – from the electronics to the ability to survive the journey to orbit and the extreme conditions there. On board there is a telescope developed by Scanway, which will confirm the ability to take satellite images, and a supercomputer created by the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

– It is also the most advanced satellite [opracowany w Polsce – przyp. red.]Marcin Mazur said that in addition to the surveillance mission, the second goal is to conduct an orbital maneuver. – This is the first Polish satellite (…) sent into space, which will allow to perform an orbital maneuver, that is, to reduce the orbital height from 550 to 350 kilometers.

The EagleEye satellite was developed by Creotech InstrumentsTVN24

Millions of complex tests

The EagleEye satellite took three years to build, but work on the HyperSat platform began much earlier. Marcin Beda explained that the company is working on more satellites based on this platform. EagleEye itself is now ready for integration with the rocket that will put it into orbit, but, as the expert added, complex tests were needed before reaching this stage.

-We have carried out millions of tests: vibration, tests at extreme temperatures, (…) in a vacuum. In addition, we conducted cosmic radiation resistance tests (…) and numerous tests of system performance, communications, data processing, power supply and all other systems necessary for the operation of such a device in space – he said.

EagleEye satellite developed by Creotech Instruments – technical visionTVN24

Not just orbit

What does the future hold for Creotech Instruments? Piotr Dziuban said the company is currently working on three more satellites called Piast. These devices are based on the same communications, software and avionics systems as EagleEye, but are built slightly differently, underscoring the flexibility of the HyperSat platform.

He said – Next year, three more satellites will be launched into orbit, and other important plans are being developed based on the same solution, and the same architecture. – We are developing several very ambitious missions, in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the Polish Space Agency, so that we use our space platform not only here in Earth orbit, but also on the way to the Moon and around the Moon.

Creotech Instruments is responsible for executing the entire EagleEye mission, i.e. preparing the HyperSat satellite platform and its components, integrating the satellite and launching it into Earth orbit in cooperation with ExoLaunch, the SpaceX integration operator. The Polish company will also work to ensure communication with the satellite once it is in orbit.

EagleEye satellite developed by Creotech Instruments – technical visionTVN24

TVN24 BiS correspondent Hubert Kijek talks to representatives of Creotech InstrumentsTVN24 BiS

Main image source: TVN24

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